Bondi Box Fall Preview!

EDIT 10/28/2013: Please read this post about why I am no longer a subscriber to Bondi New York, and why I do not recommend them to anyone.

The highly anticipated Bondi Box Fall Preview is out! And I have to say, I’m super impressed. The colors are absolutely gorgeous. I have no idea how I’m going to pick only 3 for my box! The Bondi Box is $19.99/month and you get 3 full sized bottles of nail polish (15mL/0.5 fl oz) and a surprise beauty item, which is a fabulous deal. I’m also subscribed to Julep, which is the same price but their bottles are so small! Not to mention, Bondi New York’s formula is 5-free, and they also support a great cause. (Not hating on Julep though, I still love them and placed an order with them today!)

And without further ado, here is the Fall Preview:

(Clicking on the image will take you to the Bondi site for more images and list of ingredients)


Bite Me


Bluesy Brunch


Copp A Feel

Holly_Berry_1024x1024Holly Berry

In_The_Buff_1024x1024In The Buff

Kiss_Me_Under_the..._1024x1024Kiss Me Under The…

Mauve_n_on_Up_1024x1024Mauve’n On Up

Meadow_Moss_1024x1024Meadow Moss

My_Ex_s_Heart_1024x1024My Exe’s Heart


On The Rocks

Park_Aven-Hue_1024x1024Park Aven-Hue

Perfect_Storm_1024x1024Perfect Storm

Police_Box_1024x1024Police Box

That_Sh_t_Cray_1024x1024That Sh*t Cray

The_7_Train_1024x1024The 7 Train


West_Point_Waters_1024x1024West Point Waters


Back To Matte (a matte top coat)

Aren’t they beautiful? I kind of want them all! If you aren’t subscribed, these are $12.50 each which is still a decent value considering these are pretty big bottles. They will be available to purchase on September 12th. And if you are subscribed, these are only for the September box. They’ll have different colors for October, and I’m already excited! I think I’ll get On The Rocks for sure because I don’t have enough greens, and the matte top coat is very tempting. What do you think?


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