RocksBox September Review

I was pleasantly surprised with my first Rocksbox today. Rocksbox is a subscription service for jewelry, but it’s different from a regular subscription box because it’s more like jewelry rental. For $19/month you get 3 different pieces sent to you, and after 60 days you can send them back for 3 new items. If you happen to love any of the jewelry, you can keep it and they will charge your credit card for the amount listed on the packing slip. For a picky person like myself (especially when it comes to jewelry), this is a fantastic idea.

If you’re curious about RocksBox and want to try it, you can click here and use the code FriendsRock to get your first month free!

This box arrived inside a padded envelope, which also included a return envelope to send the jewelry back in. The box itself is really quite nice, and I think it’s perfect for gift-giving.


My first piece is a pair of Green Glass Earrings from David Aubrey, valued at $32.00. With the RocksBox 20% discount, I can purchase it for $25.60. Unfortunately, it’s not really my style and feels a bit on the heavy side for earrings.

rocksbox4My second piece is the Chaplin Bracelet from Gorjana, valued at $50.00. I have a few pieces from Gorjana and know that the quality is not bad. I like the minimal style of the bracelet, but I found it to be a little on the small side. It fits perfectly on my wrist with no extra space (do I have fat wrists??), and I prefer my bracelets a bit on the roomy side. Too bad I probably won’t be keeping this either. rocksbox6

And my third item was supposed to be Wrapped in Gold Mini Earrings Silver with 18K Plate by TZEN, valued at $110.00, but it wasn’t included in the box. It’s on my packing slip and I would have been very excited to try it out, so that was kind of a bummer. I’ve emailed their customer service to see what happened, and they were very helpful and understanding.

rocksbox7While this might sound like a negative review (missing an item and won’t be keeping the other two items), it really isn’t. I forgot to fill out my preferences in my account settings before I got the box, so it’s no surprise the first pair of earrings weren’t my style. As for the missing item, they’re a small company and I’m confident that it’s a rare mistake. I definitely will be trying them for at least another month or two before I make a final decision. So how about you? I’d love to hear from any current subscribers about their experiences!


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