Co-Ed Supply September Review

The first Co-Ed Supply box is out! I’m loving the bright orange box and how cheerful it looks. They have such a cute logo, too! This is a review for the Classic box, Girl version ($20/month). They also have a Deluxe size for $35/month.

Co-Ed Supply is similar to Pijon Box (review found here) in that they’re both geared towards college students. But while Pijon Box is more of a care package that you would receive from a parent, Co-Ed Supply is more like a box of essentials that a college student would buy for him/herself.

co-ed1The first look at what’s inside:


The food products were:

Beef Perky Jerky |  $1.30

Turkey Perky Jerky | $1.30

Food Should Taste Good Multigrain Tortilla Chips | $1.30

2 Nature’s Bakery Raspberry Whole Wheat Fig Bars  | $0.75 each

I enjoyed the food samples, and thought the jerky was especially unique and delicious. The jerky is flavored with Guarana, which I’ve only had in energy drinks before, so I thought this was a cool concept. The tortilla chips and fig bars are already snack staples in my house, so this box really got my food profile perfectly!

My issue with the food products is that when I signed up, it didn’t ask about dietary restrictions. There are a lot of people who are vegetarian or vegan and probably wouldn’t be able to eat the two jerky products. I know it’s hard to cater to everyone, but I think the vegetarian/vegan demographic is too big to ignore. Maybe as Co-Ed expands they’ll also include more options.


The other items that I got in my box:

2 Olay Fresh Effects, Shine Minimizing Cleanser | $1.60 each

Hello Breath Spray in Pink Grapefruit Mint | $12.99

Wallpaper Demo CD | $3.00 (The full album is $8.99 for 12 songs, and this demo CD has 4 songs on it)

Co-Ed Supply Vinyl Sticker

Not bad, I like that there’s something fun like the CD and its not just personal hygiene stuff. I would have liked to see more variety instead of two of the same face cleanser, or maybe just a full sized face cleanser.

So far so good, but I was getting really excited about this little gift box, which I assumed was a gift from Co-Ed Supply for Back to School. co-ed5

I was pretty confused when I opened the “gift” to discover that it was another fig bar, breath spray, and demo CD. At first, I thought maybe I had gotten unlucky with the mystery gift box and it just happened to be a duplicate of my box. However, after going on their Facebook page, it turns out that this gift box was supposed to be gifted to another person as an icebreaker. They probably should have made that more clear. Also, I think it would have been nice to get a note saying what was actually in the box. I wouldn’t feel very comfortable giving someone an unknown gift as an icebreaker.

EDIT: People have pointed out that it states on the card that this is an icebreaker box meant to be gifted. However, I don’t think I’m the only person who unpacks everything before sitting down to read the included card! But yes, I see that it was my mistake…but I also think it could have been a little more clear. Maybe a note on the actual box? With a list of the contents? I still wouldn’t be giving an unknown gift to a new friend.

co-ed6Overall, I’m a little let down by this box. I had pretty high hopes that this would be an amazing subscription service because the concept is great! And I was hoping for some more back to school stuff, like school supplies or fun things for your dorm, etc. I also noticed that there was barely any difference between the guy and girl box. The guys got something from Dollar Shave Club in lieu of the second Olay cleanser sample. In the future, I think they should really consider adding preferences for the food, and trying to add more variety in the boxes. I think the “gift” box would have best been given to a roommate, but then why would one room need two of the same demo CD?

On the bright side, the value is definitely there. I got $41.33 worth of stuff for only $20. So what do you think? Worth it?

As always, all views in this review are the opinion of the author. Nothing was received in exchange for a review, and I am not affiliated with Co-Ed Supply.


3 thoughts on “Co-Ed Supply September Review

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    • You’re right! I saw it afterwards because when I open these boxes I usually go through all the items first (what can I say, I love surprises!) and then read the card after. Obviously this was a mistake on my part, but I still found it strange to give an icebreaker box that you wouldn’t know the contents of. If it had contained jerky, I would have felt really uncomfortable about giving it to a vegetarian. Or if it had nuts and somebody were allergic. I think they could have included more snacks and said to bring them to class so you can share with classmates or something. But either way, I know a lot of people were thrilled with their box! Too bad it just wasn’t for me, though I do plan on trying them for another month. Now I know for the next month to read the card before going through my Co-Ed Supply box!

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