Now on Quarterly: Bill Nye (The Science Guy!)

Quarterly Co. is a subscription service that allows people to receive items in the mail from influential contributors of their choice. They send out a package every 3 months that is actually curated by whomever you choose to subscribe to. They have a wide variety of people, so definitely check them out! I love that you get a tiny glimpse into the world of these fascinating individuals. While sometimes the value isn’t as high as other boxes, part of what makes Quarterly so fun is the experience.

I’m digging their explanation on the website: 
“You could buy all the books for an English class, but would they mean as much without the guidance of a teacher?”

But of course, the big news! Bill Nye is joining as one of the contributors, and I am super super super excited. And the box sounds really promising:

“Bill Nye The Science guy here… here’s a box of things I find absolutely fascinating, I hope you do too. When you explore these items, two things will happen. You’ll make discoveries, and you’ll have an adventure. Here’s hoping you enjoy them as much as I do.

-Your friend, Bill N.”

I’m currently subscribed to Poketo and Tina Roth Eisenberg on Quarterly Co. and am so happy to add Bill Nye onto my list! His subscription is $50/box, which is pretty standard for Quarterly (this is where too much of my money goes…) but I have really high hopes that it will be a great value, well-executed, and just plain fun. I mean, it’s Bill Nye! What more can I say? Is anyone else really excited? 


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