Bespoke Post October 2013 Box: Crisp and Promo Code

We love Bespoke Post in our household! Even though it’s geared towards more of a male audience, I find a lot of their products to be gender neutral (like things for the home). Bespoke Post delivers fresh and interesting lifestyle brands and products. Each month, you’ll get to choose from one of the limited-edition boxes filled with an array of products built around a theme.

I really like that I can preview the box and skip the month if I don’t like what I see. Last month they had a coffee themed box with a french press, but we already have one so I skipped and it was super easy. They also send out email reminders. It’s $45/month, which is pricey but I think it’s totally worth it. If you’re interested in trying, you can take 25% off with promo code WINGMAN!

This month the theme is Crisp, which focuses on accessories for the cooling weather. Take a look at all the great items in the October box:

Double-Faced Cotton Scarf, 65″ x 17″, Gilded Age ($119 Value)

Trust us: a scarf is the secret weapon you need to stay warm and comfortable while giving your cold weather outfit a quick style boost. Exclusively made for Bespoke by vintage-inspired clothing label Gilded Age, your new scarf captures the perfect mix of rugged and refined so you can go from yard work to a night out and anywhere in between. Throw it on for a disheveled weekend look or knot it up to complement your suit; either way, the extra length gives you lots of scarf-tying options. However you wear it — with a warm coat when the mercury drops, or without for an easy fall look in the warmer climates — you’ll look plenty sharp with the two-toned profile and super soft 100% cotton construction.

Bespoke Post October 2013 Crisp Box Scarf

Card Holder Wallet, Men in Cities ($40 Value)

A put-together outfit deserves the right finishing touch. Men in Cities’ razor-thin navy and charcoal card holder wallet is made from navy and charcoal colored high-quality leather that’ll protect your cards without being loaded down with extraneous flaps and pockets. You can edit down your old, overstuffed wallet to this for a more minimal everyday carry, or you can use it for business cards or as a pared-down backup for the occasions when you only need a few cards.

Bespoke Post October 2013 Crisp Box Wallet

Charcoal Striped Socks, Mack Weldon ($12.50 Value)

Mack Weldon is known for making tech-infused underwear with old-school quality, and these socks are no different. They’ll keep your feet dry and warm with a thicker, longer construction that’ll serve you well as the temperature drops but are still stretchy and breathable for those who live above the arctic circle. Pair ’em with some tough boots and give your pant cuffs a roll or two to expose the bold stripes. Note: socks comfortably fit sizes 8 – 14.

Bespoke Post October 2013 Crisp Box Socks

Microfiber Sheet, Declan ($10 Value)

Don’t scratch your gear with coarse paper products. Make your gadgets stay slush-free and defog your glasses with Declan’s soft and effective offerings. The best part? They look damn good while doing some heavy lifting: the printed cloths are as eye-catching as your favorite pocket square.

Bespoke Post October 2013 Crisp Box Declan Cloth

Lip Balm + Lotion, Carmex ($5 Value)

Restore your chapped lips and dried hands with the same stuff that skiers and pharmacists alike swear by. Toss ’em in your bag and you’ll be prepared to fight back against the changing season’s harsh effects to your skin so that you stay soft and comfortable.

Bespoke Post October 2013 Crisp Box Carmex BalmI love this box! The total value is $186.50, which is such a good deal for only $45 ($33.75 if you use the promo code!). I wish we didn’t live in Houston because it certainly isn’t cold enough for scarf weather yet (90 degrees in October? Why??), but my brother is moving up to Idaho for his job and I think I’ll be sending this box to him. Is anyone else really excited about the October box?



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