POPSUGAR Must Have October 2013 Review

I received my POPSUGAR Must Have October box today, and I’m really impressed it arrived so quickly! It seems like POPSUGAR is making up for last month’s shipping issues, which I appreciate.

POPSUGAR Must Have is a subscription service that sends the latest “must have” items for women that are curated by the POPSUGAR editors. Items typically include food, beauty, home, among other miscellaneous things. They’re increasing their prices starting in November, so it will be $39.99/month. If you can afford to commit to a 3, 6, or 12 month subscription, now is the time to do it so you can get each box for only $31.66/month. I’ve already gone ahead and extended my subscription for another year. Although some months are less exciting than others, every box has been a great value and the variety within each box is impressive. Use the code REFER5 to get $5 off your first month!

Check out last month’s review here.

PopSugar Must Have October 2013 ReviewI love that October features a breast cancer awareness theme!

PopSugar Must Have October 2013 ReviewFirst look! I actually cheated this month and looked at spoilers, so I already knew what to expect. I was initially disappointed with the spoilers that I saw, but now that I actually have the box I’m pleasantly surprised by how much I like the contents.

PopSugar Must Have October 2013 Review

The Wet Brush | $14.00
I’m so glad that 25% of profits from this brush goes to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and this will be really nice to have in the shower. When I saw that we were getting a hairbrush in the spoilers, I wasn’t very excited…but now that I actually have it in hand I’m liking it a lot more.

Jane Tran Thin Metallic Bobby Pin Set | $12.00
I’m usually not interested in this style of bobby pin since they pull, but I like the colors and will give them a shot.

NYX The Smokey Shadow Palette | $7.00
NYX Liquid Brown Liner | $6.00
I’m not too crazy about the NYX brand, and I know a lot of people were upset about having it in the box. Personally, I thought it was a little silly. It’s a really cheap brand and is marketed to teenagers: not exactly what comes to mind when I think of POPSUGAR. Instead of two NYX products, they could have given us a higher end eyeliner for approximately the same price. Eyeko makes an awesome mini liner that is very affordable and works like a dream!

Julep Freedom Polymer Coat | $18.00
Julep Nail Polish in Millie | $14.00
I love Julep. But that’s why I have a subscription to Julep. I’m not going to complain about having an extra Freedom Polymer Coat (seriously, one of my favorites!), but I guess I was hoping for a different brand that doesn’t have its own subscription box. I’m also disappointed that it’s not a pink shade! That would have been super cute and tied in really nicely with the breast cancer awareness theme.

PopSugar Must Have October 2013 ReviewThe Crispery Halloween Sprinkled Crispycake | $3.95
This was so delicious! At first I was feeling “meh” about it, but I took a bite and it’s really really really good. Such a cute treat for Halloween! I’m inspired to make my own and bring a whole tray to the office for everyone.

PopSugar Must Have October 2013 Review
Gorjana Bali Bead Bracelet | $45.00
This was another item that I saw in the spoilers and made me disappointed, but I loved it once I put it on. It’s a very thin and delicate bracelet and adds a pop of color. I don’t even mind the $45 price tag since 100% of proceeds benefit Breast Cancer Connections. I do hope we get more variety of brands in the future, it seems like every 2 months they send out something from Gorjana.

PopSugar Must Have October 2013 ReviewThe Can’t Cook Book | $16.78
I haven’t tried any of the recipes from this book yet, but I like how simple everything is and there are a lot of visuals which are a big plus for me. There are also helpful little tips about how long the ingredients will last, how to pick the freshest produce at the store, and how to store them. I think I’ll get a lot of use out of this little book!

PopSugar Must Have October 2013 ReviewPopSugar Must Have October 2013 Review

Stitchfix Coupon | $20.00
This last item is the only one that I have a real problem with. Stitchfix is a personal styling service that delivers a curated box of clothing and accessories to you, and for every “fix” you order there is a styling fee of $20 that you can apply towards your purchase. You fill out a really long profile and your stylist sends you items that he/she thinks you will love, and then once you get the shipment you have three days to try everything on and send back what you don’t want. I actually really love Stitchfix, so getting this card was a nice bonus for me. However, Stitchfix only carries up to size 14. I know a lot of POPSUGAR subscribers were disappointed because they will be unable to use the $20 card, and it seems especially unfair because POPSUGAR sent out a survey last month asking for everyone’s sizing information. Knowing that they have customers that fall outside of Stitchfix’s sizing guide, it seems insulting that they would send this card.

PopSugar Must Have October 2013 ReviewSo overall, this box was okay. I liked some things, I didn’t like others. The value is definitely there, with the entire box valued at $156.73 (or $136.73 if you’re plus sized). I guess I was expecting a really amazing box because of the price increase coming up. You’d think that they would want to use the October box to try and convince customers to stick with them, but instead they excluded some of their members with that Stitchfix card. Too bad, I hope they send out a little something for the girls who weren’t able to use their cards. Since I’m already paid up for another year, I’ll just stay hopeful that November’s box will blow us all away 🙂

As always, all views in this review are the opinion of the author. Nothing was received in exchange for a review, and I am not affiliated with POPSUGAR. 


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