Bondi New York $1 Promo Code

EDIT 10/28/2013: Please read this post about why I am no longer a subscriber to Bondi New York, and why I do not recommend them to anyone.

Bondi New York has a new promo code that will allow you to try their subscription service for just $1.00! Normally I would be really excited about this code, because it’s SUCH a steal! 3 full sized bottles of nail polish for just $1? Yes please! But unfortunately, while it’s a great deal (hence why I’m sharing it here with everyone), I found this promotion to be in really bad taste. The code is DONTWANTJULEP and the company tweeted the following message, urging people to cancel their Julep subscription.

Bondi New York Promo Code Julep

I really hate it when companies do this. It’s fine to compare yourself to competitors and point out why you’re better, but usually there is a more tasteful way to do it. Bondi could have said something along the lines of “Do you love Julep? Well then you’ll love Bondi even more!” or something. Just something more friendly, instead of making this sound like a middle school rivalry. I personally subscribe to both, and think they’re both worth the money (in terms of product), but they both have their issues. Julep has had terrible shipping times and lack of customer service, but Bondi shouldn’t be pointing fingers because they haven’t even shipped out the September boxes! I’m just sad that Bondi stooped to this level, and I think it’s immature and makes me rethink my subscription with them.


6 thoughts on “Bondi New York $1 Promo Code

  1. It’s sad say but I think that they’re digging themselves into a hole with this one. I don’t think anyone I know would want to sign up that’s acting this childishly. Even cell phone and cable providers say “come to us, we’ll give you better service at better prices” instead of “the other company sucks, we’ll give you better deals for leaving them”. That’s with things that you are usually exclusive with. I know I don’t need two cell phones and two cable subscriptions. Polish should be about the love. There’s room for lots of companies on my shelves.

    • I couldn’t agree more! I’m disappointed in the Bondi team for resorting to these tasteless marketing tactics. I’ve been defending Bondi in the past with their shipping problems and whatnot, but all the drama they keep getting into makes me rethink my loyalty. I’d rather stick with companies that are about building and promoting the nail polish community!

  2. Oh man, I just signed up for Bondi using this code and while it was snarky, it did work for me. I haven’t been happy with Julep for a while (I feel like their color choices are always the same) but do agree it was a bit tacky on Bondi’s part to have such a negative coupon code.

    I am still excited to see my polishes though. Have you had good experiences with them?

    • I felt kind of weird posting about it, because it’s such a good deal but I also didn’t like the Julep-bashing. But I’m glad you were able to use their promotion! Who’s going to turn down $1 nail polish?!

      I haven’t had enough experiences with Bondi to really be helpful in this matter. I still haven’t received my September box (though it’s supposed to be shipping out soon), and the October boxes haven’t shipped either. I know they explained why everything is delayed and I understand that they’re trying their best, but I wish they would stop pointing fingers at Julep’s shipping when Bondi hasn’t even shipped out September boxes! Seems hypocritical. I will say that out of the 3 colors I have from Bondi’s Spring/Summer collection, I really really like the formula for two of them. I like them a lot more than Julep’s formula, which is sometimes thick and inconsistent. Bondi’s Central Park Blossom color has a lot of problems with being streaky and peeling easily, but it sounds like this is the only color that people aren’t satisfied with. Their customer service/CEO has always been very kind and helpful to me, but he also gets involved with a lot of weird Facebook arguments with unhappy customers…so I don’t know if I’m on board with that.

      I’ve been pretty dissatisfied with Julep myself, considering they have lots of shipping problems and their customer service is slow. Not to mention I always love one color in each of their boxes but hate how I can’t mix and match. But I still buy their products and stick by their Freedom Polymer Topcoat (one of my favorites!) I’m also a fan of how they’ve built a community of Mavens and name their polish colors after inspirational women. That’s the kind of positive energy I like to see in brands that I’m loyal to.

      Bottom line: I’ll probably keep subscribing to both Julep and Bondi, though I’d like to see changes on both ends. And I think Bondi should work on improving their own service before pointing fingers at anyone. Sorry for this really long ramble!

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