Bespoke Post October 2013 “Crisp” Box Review

I always look forward to getting Bespoke Post because the items are high quality and the curation is thoughtful. Even though it’s geared towards more of a male audience, I find a lot of their products to be gender neutral. They often have products for the home, which I always love! At $45/month, it’s on the expensive side but I think it’s totally worth it. Plus, you can preview the entire box and skip the month if you don’t like what you see. If you’re interested in trying Bespoke Post, you can take 25% off with promo code WINGMAN!

Every month the contents are curated around a theme, and this month it was “Crisp”, referring to the dropping temperatures in fall. Too bad in Houston we’re not cooling down all that much, but this box certainly got me in the mood for cold weather!

Bespoke Post October Crisp Box Review

I always appreciate their letter about why they chose the products and tips on how to use them.
Bespoke Post October Crisp Box Review

The big ticket item!
Double-Faced Cotton Scarf | $119.00
I love this scarf! Super soft and it has such a great neutral pattern. It’s very gender neutral….so I totally stole it for myself. In my defense, the boyfriend doesn’t like wearing scarves anyways, so I don’t feel that bad!

Bespoke Post October Crisp Box Review

Bespoke Post October Crisp Box Review

Charcoal Striped Socks | $12.50
These socks look really comfortable (and I probably would have stolen them as well), but there’s no way they would have fit me. They’d be perfect socks to wear with winter boots, and I’m digging the bright pop of color. My boyfriend was most excited about this item from the box, and he wants to buy more pairs now!

Bespoke Post October Crisp Box ReviewCard Holder Wallet | $40.00
It’s hard to tell from the photo, but it’s a subtle two-tone wallet. The front is a navy blue and the back is a charcoal gray. Good quality, and it will definitely be useful for all the business traveling I do. I’m impressed they included another high value item in addition to that scarf!

Bespoke Post October Crisp Box ReviewMicrofiber Sheet | $10.00
The patterns are cute on this (red on one side, navy with white polka dots on the other side), and it’s great for wiping touch screens. It’s raining all the time here so it will be nice to keep this in the car to wipe phones and sunglasses and whatnot.

Carmex Lip Balm and Lotion | $5.00
Love these, and always have them around the house and in the car. I don’t mind getting spares!

Bespoke Post October Crisp Box ReviewSo overall, this was a great box for me. I paid $45 and got $186.50 worth of products. I even ended up buying a second box and sending it to my brother, and he loves everything in it! I think Bespoke is one of my favorites to gift because the quality is consistently good and I always have trouble picking gifts for my guy friends. Having these boxes makes it a lot easier, especially if I get them a subscription because they get to choose which themes they want. So did anyone else get the October box?

As always, all views in this review are the opinion of the author. Nothing was received in exchange for a review, and I am not affiliated with Bespoke Post.


2 thoughts on “Bespoke Post October 2013 “Crisp” Box Review

    • I always forget that I have the option to send stuff back! The scarf is pretty awesome, but if you’re keeping it just for that one item it doesn’t seem worth it (who would pay the full retail $119 for it??). With fall approaching, I bet there will be a lot of scarves coming in other boxes!

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