Vermont Snacks October 2013 Review

I got my second Vermont Snacks box yesterday, and I’m sad to say that I am incredibly disappointed. While the concept of this box is great, it just didn’t really deliver enough product for me. Vermont Snacks ships you 4-6 local, artisan snacks for $19/month. And for every box they ship, they donate a meal to the Vermont Food Bank! It’s great that subscribing to this box supports locally-owned small businesses plus you get to feel good about helping a great cause. 

I was pretty nervous when I got the box, because it’s half the size of the box from last month. But I figured it was probably just because the snacks this month are smaller sized. I was picturing maple candies for Halloween or something similar.

Vermont Snacks October Box
Vermont Snacks October BoxYOLO! Snacks Maple Popcorn 0.74 oz | $0.48

These are really tasty, and I remember a lot of stores in Vermont carry this awesome popcorn. I just wish they had sent out a bigger pack, I finished these off way too quickly!

Vermont Snacks October Box Maple Popcorn Yolo SnacksVermont Village Applesauce– Organic Unsweetened | $1.61
Vermont Village Applesauce– Organic Strawberry Banana | $1.61
I get the unsweetened kind at our local organic grocery store because so much applesauce out there contains extra sugar and I like mine more tart. I also love that all their products are made with apples that have never been treated with synthetic pesticides.

Vermont Snacks October Box Applesauce

Vermont Smoke and Cure Real Sticks Beef Stick with BBQ Seasoning | $1.25
I’m not a big fan of these beef stick sort of products, but we have a “snack bin” at work that we all contribute to, so I’m sure someone will get to enjoy this. Our web developer loves beef jerky so I’m sure he’ll snatch it up in an instant!

Vermont Snacks October Box Real Sticks Beef JerkyVermont Nut Free Tanabar Granola Bar Triple Berry | $2.25
This was really good, and I like that the company was founded by a mother who wanted to create nut-free snacks for her son due to his allergies. Cute story, and a great product!

Vermont Snacks October Box TanabarAlthough I enjoyed most of the items in the box, the value is only $7.20 for a box that costs $19.00. That’s probably the worst value I’ve ever seen in a subscription box. Granted, this did include shipping and they will be donating a meal to the food bank, but that’s still an incredible low value box. I wouldn’t have minded if it was a couple dollars short of what I paid, but it’s less than half the price! Although I love the idea of this box, I think I’ll be canceling my account. I might give them one more month to see if the value goes back up, but that’s as far as I’ll go. There are just too many amazing subscription services out there for me to be spending $19 on one that delivers less than half of what I pay! Did anyone else order the October box?

As always, all views in this review are the opinion of the author. Nothing was received in exchange for a review, and I am not affiliated with Vermont Snacks.


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