Escape Monthly October 2013 Review: Hawaii

Yay, I got my Escape Monthly box today! Since it’s one of the more expensive boxes that I subscribe to at $49.95/month, I expect to be wowed each month. Escape Monthly is a destination inspired monthly delivery of “luxury products to help you relax and renew”. Every month, they curate a selection of items ranging from spa/beauty to gourmet snacks and gift certificates. They also give one member a vacation for two to the destination of the month! You can get 20% off with code YOURESCAPE!

I really loved last month’s box, and you can see the review here.
Now onto the review for this month: Hawaii.

Escape Monthly October Box Hawaii Review

Escape Monthly October Box Hawaii Review

Escape Monthly October Box Hawaii Review

Royal Hawaiian Orchards Papaya Lime Macadamia Crunch | $4.15
I don’t like macadamia nuts at all, but luckily they are one of my boyfriend’s favorites of all time. I’m sure these will be devoured as soon as he gets home.

Dark Chocolate Covered Macadamias | $2.00
Everything I said about the above item applies to this one too 🙂

Seashell Lei | $5.99
I already have a bunch of these from various trips to Hawaii, so this wasn’t very exciting for me. But I think it’s cute that they included a souvenir item like this.

Escape Monthly October Box Hawaii Review

Moon Handbooks Big Island of Hawaii Travel Guide | $12.85
Although these retail for $18, they’re easy to find on Amazon for around $12-$14. I do like these books they include with each box, and I hope they continue using Moon Handbooks! I’m a big fan!

Escape Monthly October Box Hawaii ReviewHoney Girl Organics Face and Eye Cream | $30.99
This item is listed as being $62 on the pamphlet included with the box. Personally, I found that a little annoying because I just hate it when companies inflate their prices to make it seem like customers are getting a better deal when they aren’t. Also, mine came a little dented (can you see from the picture?), which isn’t a big deal but I still would prefer non-dented products! I wish they had included packing material in the box…mine didn’t have any. I haven’t tried this cream yet but I like that they list all the ingredients and even tell you the product is 87% organic. I’m impressed with that kind of attention to detail!

Honey Girl Night Cream | $5.00
I’m guessing on the value here, but this sample is super tiny and the full size is $31.

Escape Monthly October Box Hawaii ReviewAlaea Hawaiian Sea Salt | $14.99
This is my favorite item from this month! Not only is the packaging super cute, but the product will definitely get used in this household. We love using gourmet salt, and I can’t wait to try this one! I’m glad that this salt is actually from Hawaii, because most of the alaea salt we find in stores around here actually come from California.

Escape Monthly October Box Hawaii ReviewTub and Scrub Hawaiian Bath Salts | $10.00
The scent is called “Oregon Rain”, which I’m sure is no coincidence! These smell so good and I can’t wait to use it!

Personal Paradise Coconut Lime Body Lotion | $2.00
This item was presumably supposed to be a full sized Coconut Lime Body Wash, valued at $9.95 (according to the pamphlet). I don’t know why but everyone got this sample sized lotion instead. I wish they had emailed us to tell us about the switch, since the new product isn’t even close to the value of the original product.

Gentle Scrub Facial Buff | $1.76
No brand on the little buffer pad, but I found a similar one on Amazon: here. Again, I think Escape Monthly is trying really hard to make it seem like the box is worth more than it is. The pamphlet states that this item is $7.00 retail, but these pads look almost identical to the Amazon ones and go for $1.76 each.

Escape Monthly October Box Hawaii ReviewTiesta Tea in Maui Mango | $6.99
This is the bonus item, and even though it’s not from Hawaii it’s Hawaii-inspired, which is cute. Pamphlet value is $7.99, but on Tiesta’s website it’s $6.99. Not a big difference, but I really hope Escape Monthly stops listing fake prices.

Escape Monthly October Box Hawaii ReviewOla Body Butter | $10.00
I almost forgot about this body butter! It leaked in the mail, so the container was really greasy and I left it in the bathroom to clean up. it smells really good, so I’m hoping there’s still enough left for me to get a couple uses out of it. It looks like about half the product leaked (I had to wipe down most of the other items before I took pictures)…but on the bright side my entire bathroom smells of coconut now! I wonder if my mailman is throwing my packages around or something, because I feel like I always end up with the damaged boxes!

Escape Monthly October Box Hawaii ReviewSo overall, I wasn’t too happy with this month’s box. I feel like it could have been a bit more diverse, given that this was a Hawaii escape! Body butter and body lotion are a little too similar for me, not to mention that they are both coconut scented. Plumeria would have been really great! And since we got a tea in the last box, I wasn’t really expecting another one this time around.

The value of the box is $106.72, which is good but not great for the $49.95 price tag. I just really hope they stop giving us inflated prices on the pamphlet. It’s annoying and makes me think the company isn’t trustworthy.

Next month is Vermont, so I will definitely stick around for that. But I’ll be expecting an amazing box.

As always, all views in this review are the opinion of the author. Nothing was received in exchange for a review, and I am not affiliated with Escape Monthly.


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