Pijon Box October 2013 Review

My second PijonBox arrived today! PijonBox is a subscription service for parents who want to send monthly care packages to their kids in college; I wish they were around when I was in college! Seriously, there’s nothing better than getting a care package in the middle of a hectic week, especially around midterms and finals. PijonBox delivers a variety of products catered to the needs of college students, including snacks, beauty products, and other useful items. They also have a super awesome social misson: PijonBox partners with Project Night Night, a nonprofit that donates care packages (consisting of a blanket, a children’s book, and a stuffed animal) to homeless and underprivileged children.

At $29/month, they’re totally worth it! The value of each box is great, and you can tell the people at Pijon really put thought into curating the care package.

Pijon Box October 2013 Review

Love this theme! I remember it was around this time of year when my school had midterms, so if I were still in college this would be perfect timing. Pijon Box October 2013 Review

Pijon Box October 2013 ReviewAwesome Bar Salty Peanut Granola Bar | $2.50
Awesome Bar Blueberry Almond Granola Bar | $2.50
I love that I recognize all the ingredients in these bars! It makes me feel great about eating them, and it makes me more forgiving about the expiration date (11/1/2013). I imagine these handmade, organic granola bars wouldn’t have the same shelf-life as the processed stuff. Frankly, I’d be suspicious if they did! My only (really weird) complaint? The wrappers are super loud! There is zero chance you could get away with unwrapping this bar sneakily in a lecture hall (admit it, we’ve all done this!). But on the bright side, the wrappers are also compostable. You’ve got to love that kind of commitment to detail regarding sustainability.

Awake Caffeinated Chocolate (3 pieces) | $0.63 each
Given how much coffee I drink on a daily basis, I can’t say whether or not these work as substitutes, but they’re delicious chocolates! Not to mention the packaging is beyond adorable. I could see this becoming a staple in every college student’s all-nighter survival kit. Also they’re a Canadian company! I’m always in the mood to support some fellow Canucks, so I’ll be picking these up from Amazon.

Pijon Box October 2013 Review Awesome Bars and Awake ChocolateMetropolis Soap Co. Vegan Lip Cream Lavender and Spearmint | $6.99
Metropolis Soap Co. Vegan Lip Cream Lime and Spearmint | $6.99
I think I saw these at the 2012 International Gift Fair in New York, and they took home the “Best New Product” award! I’m impressed that the lip cream is so buttery soft without using any beeswax, and the lime flavor is great! I just don’t know why we needed two of these. I would have preferred a different product instead of two flavors of the same thing.

Pijon Box October 2013 Review Lip CreamRooted Beauty Raspberry Citrus Facial Wipes | $6.99
I’m thrilled to get this in my box because I’m always traveling and love carrying facial wipes with me. They’re perfect for long flights and also for all-nighters. Plus, a portion of the proceeds for this product goes towards helping a trafficked woman send her son back to school and recover from the sexual abuse.

Pijon Box October 2013 Review Face WipesBaggu Reusable Bag | $9.00
My favorite item from this month’s box! I can’t imagine a more useful product for a college student. I didn’t have a car on campus for all 4 years of undergrad, and lugging groceries back to the dorm was always a nightmare. I had these cheap little reusable totes that weren’t all that sturdy and a backpack. There’s nothing worse than having a bag rip on your way home, leaving you with no way to bring your groceries back. Trust me, I’ve been there. The Baggu holds up to 50lbs, and is surprisingly comfortable on the shoulder. I would recommend any college student to stock up on these bags! They come in all different colors and patterns, and are worth the $9 investment. Your arms will thank you.

Pijon Box October 2013 Review Baggu

Pijon Box October 2013 Review BagguAnd finally, two coupon codes. One coupon is for $10 at thredUP, a site that sells gently used and new clothes at a discounted rate. They also buy used clothes, so this is a good site to keep in mind when it’s time to move out of the dorms. I’m glad this coupon doesn’t have a minimum purchase amount, and you can definitely get something for less than $10 on thredUP. The other coupon is for 4 hours of free tutoring from InstaEDU. For those who are using the coupon, be sure to note that if you don’t cancel the service after you use the free 4 hours, you’ll be charged $48/week.

Pijon Box October 2013 Review CouponsOverall, I’m pleased with the box. The total value of the box is $45.86 (without including any of the coupon code values), so no complaints about not getting my money’s worth! I kind of wish there had been more of an emphasis on the theme of late nights, or maybe something for Halloween? But I’m still happy with all the products, and will definitely use all of them. I think this is a thoughtfully curated box, and there are items in here that are very useful for college students but are easy to overlook (like a sturdy reusable grocery bag). Can’t wait to see what’s coming for next month! I’d love to hear what everyone else thought about their box this month!

As always, all views in this review are the opinion of the author. Nothing was received in exchange for a review, and I am not affiliated with PijonBox.


6 thoughts on “Pijon Box October 2013 Review

  1. I was in on the LivingSocial deal and I would have been really ticked if I spent more than I did on this box because the value just wasn’t there. Maybe I’m too used to PopSugar with their $100 value boxes for $35/month, but this box just felt cheap to me. :/ And the soon-to-be-expired granola bars didn’t help that matter either. Probably won’t re-subscribe after my subscription ends unless they make up for it next month.

    Another thing, their customer service is really lacking. I posted on their Facebook page’s wall to see why it was taking so long for our boxes to arrive (scheduled to ship on Oct. 5th and they didn’t ship till around the 18th), but instead of publicly responding, they deleted my post and other people’s posts, as well. After apologizing for it, they proceeded to do it again to us. I was appalled by this practice since I’m a business owner myself and I want to let others know about what they’ve done. PopSugar leaves their bad reviews and customer questions on their Facebook page and they respond to them; other businesses should do the same. Businesses look better to customers when they admit they’ve screwed up in public rather than trying to hide it.

    Sorry for the rant, but I’m a stickler for customer service and perceived value.

    • Rants are always welcome! And you’re right, PopSugar has definitely spoiled me as well! You can’t beat their value for the boxes. I do think that last month’s PijonBox was much better, though interestingly enough this month’s box had a higher value. I think for this month it was the double lip creams that ate up a lot of value (almost $12) and are lackluster. I mean, Burt’s Bees does a great job for only $3. Not to mention, Rosebud Salve is only $6 and can’t be beat by anything else on the market, as far as I’m concerned. If they had sent out something else instead that was worth $12, I think the box would have felt more satisfying. But on the bright side, I think Pijon has been doing a good job in terms of curating each box, and it does have a nice care package feel to it.

      The removal of comments on Facebook is a huge pet peeve for me! Thanks for telling me about it, because that’s always something I like to be aware of. I’m always sad when companies that I want to love start doing questionable things like that (I’m looking at you, Julep!). I haven’t decided if I’ll stay subscribed after my LivingSocial deal ends, so I hope they bring their A-game for the next couple of months!

  2. Which box do you get? Female/Male/Neutral? I get the neutral because I’m not into beauty products and I’m not real girly and didn’t want to get boxes that would reflect that. The neutral box for October was a complete DUD! It didn’t even have the advertised value in it, unless you included the value of the tutoring coupon. As of now, I won’t be renewing when my Living Social deal ends. They’ve REALLY got to step their game up if they want me to continue!

    • I got the female box. I actually forgot they even did a neutral one, so thanks for the reminder. And I’m sorry it was a dud! Do you mind telling me what was in your box? I’m always curious about what everyone else got, and I’m surprised they had so much variance between the options! And you’re right, I hate counting coupons as part of the value. I almost never use them!

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