50% Off The Honest Company with Groupon

I meant to post this a few days ago, but it totally slipped my mind! Groupon has an amazing deal right now for The Honest Company: $40 worth of products for only $20! Although Honest bundles are a good deal in terms of eco-friendly cleaning products, they are still on the expensive side compared to regular brands. But now with this Groupon, they’re amazingly affordable even compared to the cheapest brands. Groupon will have the deal available for 3 more days, so get it before it’s gone! I already purchased one myself, it’s just too good to pass up. Find the deal by searching for “honest” on Groupon.

I suggest using a bundle if you want some of the more expensive things (like laundry detergent), because it can be a great deal. If you are interested in the products that don’t cost as much, such as soap and toothpaste, the bundle (which is a flat price of $35.95) could end up costing more. Personally, since this Groupon is for $40, I would do a bundle and grab 3 “add-on” items at 25% off. Just make sure to add the expensive items to the bundle, and get the cheaper ones as the add-ons! Check out the review for my previous bundle here.

I highly recommend:

  • 4-in-1 Laundry Pods ($15.95) – I also recommend their regular detergent, but these pods are convenient and mess-free!
  • Dish Towels ($7.95) – Really absorbent, and holds up well in the wash
  • Suds Up ($12.95) – Attractive and works well. Also comes in a nice box for gifting
  • Multi-Surface Cleaner ($5.95) – My favorite! I get one in every bundle.
  • Healing Balm ($12.95) – One tube will last you a very long time! I use this stuff on my cuticles and it works wonders
  • Face + Body Lotion ($9.95) – I can’t vouch for using this as a face lotion, but I love it as a body lotion. Absorbs quickly and fragrance free

I do not recommend:

  • Bug Spray ($12.95) – It was completely ineffective! Not to mention it’s so expensive for the volume.
  • Hand Soap ($5.95) – A really runny formula, though the scents are fabulous.
  • Glass + Window Cleaner ($5.95) – At first I really liked it, but I used it again recently and it left a lot of streaks. Also the vinegar smell is very strong!

I have only purchased their Essentials bundle before (which is the cleaning supplies and bath/body products), so this post is only about the things I have tried. But as far as I know, the Groupon applies to all of their products!

As always, all views in this post are the opinion of the author. I am not affiliated with The Honest Company or Groupon, though this post does contain referral links. You don’t have to use them, but I sure would appreciate it if you did 🙂


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