Why I Am Unsubscribing From Bondi New York

So I don’t really know where to begin this post. I guess I should start by saying that this isn’t a review, and it isn’t about a promotion of any kind. It’s more of an angry rant, or I guess a “buyer beware” story for all nail polish lovers. I usually try to stay out of these kinds of things (so stressful!), but in this case I feel that I have promoted Bondi New York on my blog enough that I need to let my readers know why I can no longer recommend them in good faith.

So I first posted about Bondi New York in August, when the previews for the September box came out. And like so many others, I was ecstatic about the gorgeous colors! Everyone seemed to love the Bondi formula, and their customer service couldn’t be beat. I signed up for a 3 month subscription, and recommended them to several of my friends.

I guess the first sign of trouble was when Bondi sent out an email on September 18th, informing subscribers that the September boxes would not be shipped out due to a problem with the manufacturer screwing up the formula. Subscribers would be compensated, and anyone requesting a refund would receive one. The response he got was mostly positive. Most people were impressed with his honesty, his communication with customers, and were satisfied with the vouchers he gave out as compensation. I was also very happy with the way it was handled, and continued singing praises about their customer service and recommending Bondi to my friends. There were some customers who were upset with the delay and wanted a refund, and posted on Bondi’s Facebook wall about it. I’m not entirely sure about the details (the posts were deleted very quickly), but it seems that the CEO (Richard) refused to give a refund to one customer who purchased a 3 month subscription, and she issued a chargeback with her credit card. Richard then threatened to turn her over to a collection agency, which pissed off a bunch of his customers.

Screenshot Bondi New YorkOne person who was very angry was Shawna, the blogger behind PolishJinx. He sent her a very unprofessional (and totally uncalled for) message on Facebook, stating that he had called her employer and will pursue legal action against her.

Bondi New York Facebook DramaThat’s beyond extreme, and he really had no right to do it. But despite all of this drama, I still remained loyal to Bondi. I figured that even if I wasn’t a fan of the CEO’s eccentric behavior, I was subscribing because I wanted nail polish. At the end of the day, if the nail polish had a good formula, I would be a satisfied customer.

So when I got a shipping confirmation email on October 18th, I was excited! I couldn’t wait to get my September beauty gift and my boxes. As the days went by, the tracking information never updated. Other people were also concerned and went on Facebook and various beauty forums to ask about why the tracking hasn’t moved at all. Richard placed all the blame on USPS, insisting that the boxes had been shipped but were not scanned and is going to investigate why. At this point, I was honestly pretty skeptical that the boxes had been shipped at all because what are the chances that USPS would fail to scan all of them?

Then, on October 23rd, PolishJinx posted about Richard’s previous business ventures and how they have many complaints online. One complaint in particular set off huge alarm bells with me, because it was from a web designer who supposedly never got paid for a website he made for Richard. Now I know Yelp isn’t the most reliable place and there is no proof that this guy didn’t get paid or that he’s even an actual web designer. But as a designer, I’m aware that there is zero benefit in making up a story like this. We all want the companies that we work for to do well, because it reflects well on us! If I create websites for companies that fail quickly, what does that say about me as a designer? So there’s no legitimate reason this guy would be making up a story like this. I also know (sadly from experience), that stories like this happen all the time. Almost every designer I know has had at least one client skip out on the bill. And it’s a huge pain in the butt (and very expensive) to get your lawyer to hunt them down. So I feel for this guy.

Bondi New York Yelp ReviewBy this point, Bondi had disabled comments on their Facebook page and had been actively deleting comments and blocking people. Simple (and perfectly legitimate) questions like “Why hasn’t the tracking updated?” and “Have you actually shipped the boxes out yet?” were being ignored and then deleted. Richard promised an update on the shipping and didn’t come through. The lack of communication was starting to feel ominous, and a lot of people requested refunds, including yours truly (on October 26th).

Finally, he posted a picture of one of the Fall/Winter colors in a Bondi swap group on Facebook. Personally, I think this photo is completely meaningless. If he really had all the polish in stock, I think he would have sent a picture of several bottles, not just one. And once again, his post is completely uncalled for. I don’t know why he feels the need to keep insulting PolishJinx. He needs to get over it, and focus on actually mailing out boxes instead of badmouthing a blogger.

Bondi New York FacebookBasically, I’m out. I’m tired of Richard’s excuses, I’m tired of his immature and unprofessional way of handling things, and I’m tired of waiting for a product that I paid for 2 months ago. At this point, I don’t think he has the polish from the manufacturer (he would be posting pictures to calm everyone!). I’m almost 100% sure that he hasn’t mailed the boxes (there’s no way USPS didn’t update for a whole week), and I’m frustrated with his blame game. I’m also unimpressed that he’s doing all of his “updates” on social media that isn’t accessible to everyone. Also, what’s up with this voucher just for the closed swap group? It’s like paying your fans to continue being fans. Pathetic, much?

Bondi New York Facebook

I feel bad for all the subscribers who aren’t on Facebook, because I’m sure they’re just waiting and waiting, unaware that they probably won’t receive anything until November. How hard is it to just email everyone and apologize? For the record, my shipping status today is still nothing.

Bondi New York Shipping Tracking

For those of you who are sticking with Bondi, I wish you the best of luck! I hope you get all your boxes soon and that all the colors are completely fabulous. Please post swatches so I can stare at them and be very envious and maybe regret my decision to cancel 🙂

Sorry for this very lengthy and very negative post, I just want people to be aware of what they’re getting into! I’m not saying don’t subscribe to Bondi, I’m just saying that it’s best to be an informed buyer.

As always, all views in this post are the opinion of the author. I do not represent Bondi New York in any way, and all content provided in this post is for informational purposes only. The owner of this blog makes no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of any information on this site or found by following any link on this site.


12 thoughts on “Why I Am Unsubscribing From Bondi New York

  1. Very Interesting. I was happy with my bondi box at first, then I actually skipped the September box that was never sent since I didn’t care for the colors. Then I got an email that the subscription box service was being cancelled and I would be refunded. I am happy to say I did get my money back. I hope everyone who did subscribe gets their money back!

    • Me too! Last time I checked (about 3 days ago) there were some people who still haven’t received a refund yet. I’m so angry with him for scamming his loyal customers, people who have stood by him from the beginning! I seriously hope everyone gets their money back.

  2. Honestly I wouldn’t care how fabulous his polish was/is,You don’t treat people this way and still get my business. You would think he would have his suppliers inline before even thinking of offering a subscription box

    • Exactly. I know there are people who still stand by him and will continue to purchase Bondi polish (which is totally fine, to each their own), but honestly I wouldn’t even want Bondi products for free at this point.

  3. I thought he stated he wasn’t doing boxes anymore. His track record all looks the same. And for his unprofessional attitude, he had a lot of time for. Cant believe anyone would do that.

  4. Good on you for posting this! People need to be made aware of scummy business practices. If it was just one USPS tracking that hadn’t updated, it could be chalked up to a mistake on Bondi’s part or the tracking not updating properly. That it happened to many people just says it’s a stalling tactic. Lesson for Bondi: don’t sell product you don’t already have in your hands!

    I’ll never do business with them, with how their “CEO” conducts business and how he treats customers. Calling someone’s place of work because they complained online about his customer service? Childish. I bet that employer laughed at his stupid message about nail polish on the internet.

    • I was so angry with him when he was blaming USPS for everything. Granted they aren’t perfect, but come on! Who is going to believe that USPS actually lost thousands of boxes?? And seriously calling someone’s employer is so unprofessional and immature. I’m sure her employer laughed it off, but it’s still so humiliating! I would be mortified.

  5. I still have yet to receive my refund I requested on the 24th! My checks bounced not once buy twice now and he deleted my post on fb and didn’t write me back in an email until late last week over a week later! He is blaming paypal and saying the checks never bounced in a condescending email! He is a horrible person and business man in my opinion! He’s very dishonest and as for his secret group if fan girls that kiss his butt I feel sorry that that are so gullible!

    • Oh no, I hope you get your money!! I really hope Richard has creditors chasing him down right now. And I feel kind of sad for the fan girls too. It’s their choice to support him, but I feel like they will end up getting scammed and I don’t wish that upon anybody 😦

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