Free Nail Polish from Zoya!

In celebration of Halloween, Zoya is offering a free bottle of any nail polish plus free shipping with any order! How could I resist??

Zoya Free Polish Halloween

Just click here to be taken to their really adorable Halloween “game”, and you’ll be prompted to either sign in or create an account. If you’re worried about getting spammed, Zoya has never emailed me for anything except promotions (which are all totally worth it!). Then the game will generate a unique code for you, and once you add your items to the cart, you’ll automatically get one bottle of nail polish for free! I finally picked up Kennedy and Purity (for only $8 total!), two colors I’ve been dying for! What did you get?

Oh, and for all you ultra thrifty folks, Zoya sells color spoons for $0.50. Since this promotion is a free polish with ANY purchase, you can go ahead and just buy a color spoon. That’s like getting your nail polish for only 50 cents!

Happy Halloween, everyone!


3 thoughts on “Free Nail Polish from Zoya!

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