I ADORN U Mystery Box from JewelMint

I got my first mystery box from JewelMint, and I have to say I’m pretty pleased. This was the first time JewelMint offered a designer specific mystery box, and I really hope they do more in the future. I usually don’t like JewelMint mystery boxes because there are so many styles and I don’t love them all, but when it’s narrowed down to a specific designer I feel much more inclined to take a little risk. JewelMint offered two different boxes, one featuring designer I ADORN U and another one featuring Olive Yew. I ordered both, but the Olive Yew one hasn’t been delivered yet. Stay tuned for that review in a few days!

This mystery box is $39.99 and comes with 3 pieces. Each box comes ready for holiday gifting, which was a really cute touch. It was another reason I felt comfortable buying this box. If I don’t love the pieces, I’m sure one of my friends will! Oh, and this box is still available! I’m not sure for how much longer, probably until they sell out, so if you’re interested definitely grab one soon. The Olive Yew box is already sold out.

I ADORN U JewelMint Collective Mystery BoxBaby Blue Bracelet with Pyrite | $12.00
Not something I would pick out for myself, but I think it could be cute with some of my outfits. I have a lot of similar blues in my wardrobe, so the color was spot on! I know there is also a bright pink version, and I’m so glad I got this one instead.

I ADORN U JewelMint Collective Mystery Box BraceletThe pyrite is a great touch! It adds a little bit of edge, but is still subtle and sophisticated. I hate it when designers use cheap rhinestones to add a bit of bling to jewelry! I’m definitely more into natural stones and minerals like this.

I ADORN U JewelMint Collective Mystery Box BraceletLittle Gold Arrow Earrings | $18.00
Love! They’re small and cute and great for casual days. I love how light they are as well. I think I’ll get a lot of uses out of these!

I ADORN U JewelMint Collective Mystery Box Arrow EarringsLittle Elephant Necklace | $25.00 (?)
I’ve been looking for this necklace everywhere to try and get a price, but didn’t find anything. I’m estimating it to be around $25 based on similar items that I ADORN U sells. This also isn’t a piece I would pick out for myself, but it’s very dainty and cute. I’m also liking the fact that the attached stone is blue! Just like with the bracelet, this piece will work well with most of my closet.

I ADORN U JewelMint Collective Mystery Box ElephantA close up of the elephant and rock charm:

I ADORN U JewelMint Collective Mystery Box ElephantOverall, this was a good box for me. I loved the earrings and will definitely wear the other two pieces. I paid $39.99 and got approximately $55 worth of jewelry, so no complaints. That’s not an amazing deal, but it’s always really fun to get mystery boxes and it helps me get some pieces that I otherwise wouldn’t have tried. I appreciate how they included one bracelet, one pair of earrings, and one necklace. I hope they did that for all the boxes! So did you get this mystery box? If so, I’d love to see what you received!

As always, all views in this review are the opinion of the author. Nothing was received in exchange for a review, and I am not affiliated with JewelMint or I ADORN U.


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