PeachDish Review and Promo Code

This was our fourth shipment from PeachDish, but my first review! We actually received it on Thursday, and cooked the meal on Friday night. I just haven’t gotten around to writing such a lengthy post until now. With PeachDish I’m also usually too busy cooking and forget to take pictures, but this time I managed to get some pretty good ones so I thought I would share.

PeachDish is a subscription service that delivers a box of fresh, pre-portioned ingredients to make a 3-course meal. They ship nationwide, which is really awesome; I can’t sign up for a lot of other grocery delivery services because I don’t live in their delivery areas. PeachDish sends a box every week (it ships on Tuesday via 2 Day Priority, so I get them on Thursdays) and each box costs $20 (designed to serve 2 people). They also have a $40 option that serves 4 people. Both options are for a 3-course meal. You can easily skip a week if you won’t be home or just want to take a break.

For anyone interested in signing up, you can get $5 off your first box with the code MT2FKWJ1. This is my referral code, so I also get $5 off if you use it. You obviously don’t have to, but I’d sure appreciate it if you did 🙂 

This week the menu was: baked brie with brown sugar cranberry sauce, BBQ chicken with roasted brussels sprouts and radish apple slaw, and pumpkin mug cake with cinnamon streusel. It sounds pretty fancy, right?

PeachDish Review OctoberThis is what the recipe cards that come in each box looks like. The directions are usually very easy to follow, but I find that it’s best to read through the entire card if you want the appetizer and entree to be done at around the same time. In this case, the appetizer took 15 minutes to bake at 375 degrees, while the brussels sprouts took 30 minutes at 400 degrees.

PeachDish Review OctoberThis week’s box also included a free copy of Eide, a lifestyle magazine “hailing from the South”. I didn’t know about this magazine so I was glad to receive a copy, and it’s really quite lovely. They have some seriously beautiful fashion spreads!

PeachDish Review October Magazine

The appetizer: Baked Brie with Brown Sugar Cranberry Sauce

PeachDish Review October Baked BrieAnd here’s the finished version! We’re not big on cheese and crackers in our household, but anything with cranberries is a definite win in November. I think I’ll hang onto this recipe and make it again closer to Thanksgiving. 

PeachDish Review October Baked Brie

The main course: BBQ Chicken with Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Radish Apple Slaw

PeachDish Review October BBQ Chicken with Brussels Sprouts

Ta-da! This was super yummy, and the brussels sprouts were awesome! Such a simple recipe too, I didn’t realize roasted brussels sprouts were so easy to make. I chose to go with a flavored olive oil and added a few sage leaves, I highly recommend it! For the slaw I chose to skip the radish, so that’s just apple on the top. I thought it was still pretty good, but maybe I’ll try it with radish next time. Oh, and the BBQ sauce for the chicken was wonderful!

PeachDish Review October BBQ Chicken with Brussels SproutsDessert: Pumpkin Mug Cake with Cinnamon Streusel

PeachDish Review October Pumpkin Mug CakeI was a little skeptical about this recipe, because I have never made cake in the microwave before. It actually turned out pretty good, especially served warm. My boyfriend (who usually skips dessert) finished his portion super fast! I was so happy to see a pumpkin themed dessert; I hope we get more seasonal recipes in the future. Sorry about this picture, it was quite difficult getting a good shot of the cake since it was deep inside a mug. 

PeachDish Review October Pumpkin Mug CakeSo I really enjoyed this week’s PeachDish box. I thought the two seasonal dishes were a cute introduction to November, and I’m looking forward to future shipments. It’s super convenient to get new recipes that I can try straight out of the box, and it definitely helps to have everything measured out.

I have had an issue with PeachDish delivery in the past where the food wasn’t packaged well enough. Luckily I found customer service to be really helpful and they seem very committed to improving their products and listening to feedback. I know they’re still fairly small right now and working out the logistics of everything, so I’m excited for what’s ahead. Does anyone else subscribe to PeachDish? What did you think of this last box?

As always, all views in this review are the opinion of the author. Nothing was received in exchange for a review, and I am not affiliated with PeachDish.


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