Julep Diamond Mystery Box November 2013

The November mystery box for Julep is available now! It’s the Diamond Mystery Box, which will come with two new diamond glitter top coats. Each box is packed with over $120 worth of products, and one lucky box will have a pair of 1 ct. diamond earrings! I really like how they are including two new colors in every box, and the colors are gorgeous:

  • Antonia – It Girl: Light pink holographic diamond glitter top coat
  • Geo – Bombshell: Lavender holographic diamond glitter top coat

The box is $24.99, and I’m super excited to see what else is inside! I already bought one, as well as a mystery add-on for $9.99. I figure now is a good time to buy a mystery box, because even if I get a lot of duplicates I can just use them as stocking stuffers! So did anyone else get this box?

Julep November Mystery Box Diamond


2 thoughts on “Julep Diamond Mystery Box November 2013

  1. I’m dying waiting on mine, it supposedly shipped last night but ever since they started using DHL it takes usually another 5 days after that (super disappointing) especially since they now seem to wait quite a few days after to actually send out the items. I too got the mystery add on because the “value” of this box is supposedly so high! Can’t wait to see what you get! I’ll let you know mine.

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