Julep Maven December 2013 Sneak Peek

Yay, the It Girl box has been revealed for December 2013!

Evelyn: Magenta purple creme
Celia: Icy green metallic
Shoshanna: Full-coverage yellow holographic glitter

If you sign up for Julep Maven (I highly recommend it!) now, you won’t get the December collection but you can use always use code FREEBOX to get your first month free.

Julep Maven December 2013 Sneak Peek It GirlI LOVE Celia, but I’m really not feeling the other two. But I’m hopeful that Classic with a Twist will have something great for me, and Celia will probably be available as an add-on. I’m definitely dying to know what the beauty item will be, since I won’t be doing It Girl this month.

EDIT: After stalking the Julep blog, it looks like the beauty product will be an Eyeshadow Palette featuring neutral colors. The beauty add-on is a shadow brush. I already have my favorite go-to neutral eyeshadow shades, so I’m not terribly excited for this. On the bright side, the colors definitely look great on the model and seem like they can be flattering on every skintone. Check out their blog post here for photos!


2 thoughts on “Julep Maven December 2013 Sneak Peek

    • Hi Amy,
      Sorry I’m not actually affiliated with Julep; this is just a personal blog. I suggest reaching out to their customer service team! If you want to cancel the subscription service, you will have to call them. Hope this helps!

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