Julep Diamond Mystery Box November 2013 Review

Yay I received my Diamond Mystery Box from Julep and it’s my favorite mystery box yet! Each box contained two new diamond glitter top coats, and one lucky box won a pair of 1 ct. diamond earrings! Sadly, no diamond earrings for me…but the gorgeous nail polish colors have me completely satisfied. The box was $24.99, and I also bought the mystery add-on for $9.99.

For anyone interested in signing up for Julep Maven (I highly recommend it!) you can use code FREEBOX to get your first month free. They have a mystery box every month, and I can’t wait to see what December’s will be (fingers crossed for beautiful glitters)! Julep also makes it really easy to skip a month, and their customer service is amazing. A little slow sometimes, but when they get to you they’re very helpful and sweet.

Anyways, onto the review! I’m glad that this month the mystery box arrived within another cardboard box, leaving this Julep black box in perfect gifting condition.

Julep Diamond Mystery Box November 2013 Review

First look! It was pretty heavy so I knew I was in for a lot of awesome products! The pink thing is a scrub mitt, which I will definitely be using. This cold weather is taking a toll on my skin. It was also nice that they included a mini gift catalog with their holiday sets inside. I’m always more inclined to buy things that come in cute catalogs that are well designed.
Julep Diamond Mystery Box November 2013 ReviewJulep Pink Grapefruit Body Frosting | $9.99
I’m excited to try this product. I can never have enough moisturizers during winter, plus I love anything grapefruit scented! It’s currently on sale on the Julep site (usually $18).

Julep Diamond Mystery Box November 2013 ReviewJulep Eyelash Curler | $10.00
I didn’t know what this was at first, but it’s definitely an eyelash curler! I don’t really need another one, so I’ll be passing this along to a friend. These aren’t on Julep’s site individually, but are part of a set that includes a makeup brush and bag..so I’m guessing on the value here

Julep Diamond Mystery Box November 2013 ReviewJulep Doublestep Foot Treatment | $17.60
I’ve heard good things about this product, so I’m excited to try it! I’m curious to see if they can actually help prevent blisters as advertised. If so, these are going to be my go-to product for breaking in new shoes!

A rock candy was also included, which is super cute! These were one of my favorite candies as a kid 🙂

Julep Diamond Mystery Box November 2013 ReviewThe two colors that everyone got in this box:
Antonia (Light pink holographic diamond glitter top coat) | $11.20
Geo (Lavender holographic diamond glitter top coat) | $11.20

I’m counting these as the Maven price ($14 for non-members), because it’s so easy to become a Maven and get the discount. Plus, people who are buying the mystery boxes are usually Mavens already. I love these two top coats so much!! I pretty much bought this mystery box just for these two colors, and I’m so glad I did. Julep always makes really great glitters and these will look phenomenal paired with almost any color.

Julep Diamond Mystery Box November 2013 ReviewEva (Raspberry creme) | $11.20
Lucy (Dark burgundy creme) | $7.99
Candace (Golden chocolate microglitter) | $11.20

Julep Diamond Mystery Box November 2013 ReviewKarmen (Golden crimson microglitter) | $11.20
Karen (Peach bellini frost) | $11.20

I love Karmen! I almost got it in a previous monthly box, but now I’m glad I didn’t! It’s so festive and perfect for the holidays. This is my third time getting Karen, but luckily it’s a gorgeous color and I will be glad to use it as a stocking stuffer.

Julep Diamond Mystery Box November 2013 ReviewThat’s it for the mystery box, now onto my $9.99 mystery add-on!

Julep Moisture Mask Trio | $16.00
This is another product I’ve wanted to try for a while now, so it’s great that I got it! Plus, amazing value. Just this one item is more than what I paid for the add-on.

Julep Diamond Mystery Box November 2013 ReviewAdele (Golden reflective top coat) | $5.99
Lois (Dusty rose frost) | $11.20

Love both of these colors. Adele is another great holiday color, and Lois is right up my alley. I love anything that’s soft pink and shimmery.

Julep Diamond Mystery Box November 2013 ReviewHere are all the nail polish colors I got. It’s a pretty good range: there are some neutrals and some bold colors, some creme finishes and microglitters and the two chunky diamond glitters. Anything I don’t use will be amazing for stocking stuffers.

Julep Diamond Mystery Box November 2013 ReviewAnd I just had to include a picture of everything. I’m so impressed!

Julep Diamond Mystery Box November 2013 ReviewI paid $24.99 for the Diamond Mystery box and received $112.78 worth of products. That $112.78 is the Maven price, too! So the value is even higher from a retail perspective. And for the mystery add-on, I paid $9.99 and got $33.19 worth of products (again, Maven pricing!). This is definitely the best mystery box I’ve gotten, and I hope this trend continues! It’s probably safe to say that I will be buying the December mystery box as well. I’d love to see what everyone else got!

As always, all views in this post are the opinion of the author. I am not affiliated with Julep, though this post does contain referral links. You don’t have to use them, but I sure would appreciate it if you did 🙂


4 thoughts on “Julep Diamond Mystery Box November 2013 Review

    • They usually send an email out about the mystery box, but sometimes it’s faster and more reliable to check their facebook page. The mystery boxes in the past have been released around the 10th of each month, so the January one should be available for sale soon!

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