My Cotton Bunny December 2013 Review

I was a little curious about all the tampon/pad subscriptions out there, so I finally subscribed to one: My Cotton Bunny. I didn’t pick them for any specific reason, and I’m definitely going to be trying some other ones before I choose a favorite. Anyways, My Cotton Bunny is a subscription service for “that time of the month”; they send you the tampons or pads of your choice as well as chocolates and a special gift. It’s actually quite convenient since it saves me the trouble of running to the store to get necessities, but more importantly for me it gives me a little something to look forward to during that dreaded week. Plus, chocolate is always a win, regardless of what week it is! My Cotton Bunny is $16.00/month.

I won’t go into detail about my tampon/pad preferences (TMI, much?) but they carry all the big brands: Kotex, Tampax, Playtex, Always, and O.B. They also ship all their products in the manufacturer’s original packaging (as opposed to single pads and tampons like some other subscription companies) so that’s extra peace of mind. Unfortunately, that means you can only select one product for each shipment.

Onto the review! I’ll just be reviewing the extra items and not the actual tampons for obvious reasons…

My Cotton Bunny Subscription December ReviewI love the box and the packaging! It’s super adorable and definitely something that I would look forward to receiving each month.

My Cotton Bunny Subscription December ReviewI like that they have a theme for each box. December’s was “Winter Night” and included tech gloves (love!) and tasty treats.

My Cotton Bunny Subscription December ReviewMarlo’s Bakeshop Midnight Marlo Cookie | $2.00
So good!! It’s softer than traditional biscotti and tastes like a very dense brownie with espresso. I can definitely see this becoming my new favorite guilty pleasure! And since Marlo’s Bakeshop is based in the Bay Area where I grew up, I also love that they use local ingredients.

Taza Chocolate Almond Crunch Mini Bar | $2.25
I really love Taza Chocolate and I’ve gotten their minibars from other subscription boxes before too. The quality is really great and most of their products (including this one) are certified organic.

Touchscreen Friendly Gloves | $5.00(?)
These gloves weren’t branded and didn’t come with any kind of label, so I’m guessing on the value. The touchscreen fingertips work very well, and I was able to send a series of text messages without problems. The pattern is also really cute!

My Cotton Bunny Subscription December ReviewOverall I was pretty impressed with this box. I think getting a shipment each month with chocolate and other goodies will definitely cheer me up! My only complaint is that you can’t mix different products. I know LeParcel lets you create a custom box with any combination of tampons/pads/panty liners, and you can mix different brands too. I will be trying a few different tampon subscriptions before I settle on one, but My Cotton Bunny has left a great first impression with me! I also think the price is very fair: for $16.00 I feel like I definitely got my money’s worth.

As always, all views in this post are the opinion of the author. I am not affiliated with My Cotton Bunny in any way.


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