Escape Monthly Valentine’s Day Chocolates of the World Box

I didn’t receive my Escape Monthly December box and special Holiday box before I flew back to California to visit my parents for the holidays, so I’ve been reading reviews and peeking at spoilers all week. I think I’ll be doing lots of delayed box reviews when I get back to my place. I know there’s also a Quarterly box waiting for me that I’m dying to get my hands on!

Seemingly to help cheer my up from my box withdrawal, Escape Monthly just sent out an email about another special edition box that will be all about chocolate! Can you imagine a more perfect pick-me-up? Escape Monthly is doing a special “Chocolates of the World” box for Valentine’s Day (find it on their site under “Offers”). This box is $39.95 and there are supposedly only 100 available. (I say supposedly because last time they did a special box it ended up being so popular that they changed the quantity to 500). This chocolate box will ship on Friday, February 7th. 2014 which should allow for plenty of time if you’re planning to gift it for Valentine’s Day.

According to their website, each box will have “8+ varieties of luxurious chocolate from around the world Includes treats like chocolate bars, toffee, truffles, hot chocolate, and more! You’ll find deluxe chocolates from all over the globe, from the most indulgent hand-poured chocolate bars, to the richest fudge, to crunchy sweet toffees and more. And if you’re looking for the perfect Valentine’s gift, look no more (or forward this to your husband!) Say goodbye to the corny, factory-made box of hearts this Valentine’s and give the gift of quality, indulgence, and love—the Chocolates of the World Gift Box!”

I’m definitely interested in this box, and I think it’s going to be a pretty popular one. Who doesn’t love chocolate? And the Valentine’s Day timing is just perfect. I think it would be a cute gift for my boyfriend, especially since I could insist that we share…

Escape Monthly Chocolates of the World Valentines Day Box


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