Olfactif December 2013 Review

Whew, I’m finally back home! And I have a huge pile of boxes from December that I didn’t get to enjoy before I left. It felt like Christmas all over again, so no complaints!

I was thrilled to see that my newest subscription got here: OlfactifOlfactif is a monthly perfume subscription service that sends a collection of three niche fragrance samples from artists around the world. It’s really a fantastic way to discover unique perfumes that aren’t available at Sephora or Nordstrom (which is where I tend to get mine). With Olfactif, you can learn about the fragrance artists and their creative process, as well as their inspiration and history. Before this subscription, I really hadn’t considered the creative process behind the development of a scent. Now that I know, it makes the perfume feel a lot more special!

The monthly cost is $18, and each month they send you a curated box of 3 perfume samples, and they recommend that you wear each one 15-20 times to really get a good understanding of the scent. If you want to purchase a full sized bottle, the $18 cost of the box is applied towards the order.

Olfactif December 2013 Perfume Subscription ReviewThe box that it comes in is super small, about the size of a postcard and less than an inch thick. But you know what they say, good things come in small packages!

Olfactif December 2013 Perfume Subscription ReviewHonestly Olfactif has the most beautiful packaging I’ve seen from any subscription service so far. This box has a very cool flap that slides up and it just feels so luxurious and well thought out. I wouldn’t hesitate to send this subscription as a gift just because the presentation is so lovely.

Olfactif December 2013 Perfume Subscription ReviewEvery month they have a theme, and for December it was “Evening”. The three perfumes that they chose really feel fitting for the theme, and I enjoy how carefully Olfactif curates the monthly collections. I also am still not over how stunning the packaging is.

Olfactif December 2013 Perfume Subscription ReviewFrom left to right: Night by Sarabecca, Au Lait by DSH Perfumes, and Black Angel by Mark Buxton. I’m totally in love with the Black Angel perfume, but at $195/bottle I really can’t afford it. On the bright side, not all of the fragrances that they feature is so expensive; the Night and Au Lait scents are both around $70. I’m hoping in the January collection (which I’ve already received, just haven’t opened yet) I’ll fall in love with a perfume that I can actually afford!

Olfactif December 2013 Perfume Subscription ReviewI paid $18 for a very fun and unique experience, and I think it was completely worth it. I collect a lot of fragrances and think this is a subscription that I will keep around just because there’s nothing else out there that is quite the same. Actually I would recommend people to try it for just one month to experience the packaging! It’s such a gorgeous little box and the perfumes samples are exquisite. Plus, if you buy a bottle every month (if you do, I’m officially jealous) you aren’t really paying for the subscription at all, since the $18 is applied as credit towards your purchase. I’m so glad I discovered this great new subscription and look forward to opening my January box as well as many more months ahead!

As always, all views in this post are the opinion of the author. I am not affiliated with Olfactif in any way.


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