Olfactif January 2014 Review

My second shipment from Olfactif is even better than my December one (review found here)! I think this is going to be a keeper on my list of subscriptions 🙂 

Olfactif is a monthly perfume subscription service that sends a collection of three niche fragrance samples from artists around the world. It’s really a fantastic way to discover unique perfumes that aren’t available at stores. Plus, you can learn about the fragrance artists and their creative process, as well as their inspiration and history. 

The monthly cost is $18, and each month they send you a curated box of 3 perfume samples, and they recommend that you wear each one 15-20 times to really get a good understanding of the scent. If you want to purchase a full sized bottle, the $18 cost of the box is applied towards the order.

Olfactif Perfume Subscription January 2014 ReviewI already raved about their gorgeous packaging in my previous review, but I think I need to reiterate how much I love it. It’s simple and elegant and the construction of the box is amazing! The flap that says “Olfactif” slides up when you pull the ribbon, revealing the perfume inside.

Olfactif Perfume Subscription January 2014 ReviewThe theme for this month was “Winter’s Cocoon” and the fragrances felt much more warm compared the the December “Evening” ones. I really love the themes they pick and I think the curation process is thoughtful and very well done.

Olfactif Perfume Subscription January 2014 Review

From left to right: Lightscape by Ulrich Lang New York, Field Notes From Paris by Ineke, and Violette Fumee by Mona di Orio. The Field Notes From Paris scent is amazing!! I purchased the full size, which is $95, and I got the $18 that I spent on this subscription box as credit. Olfactif also offers free shipping. So basically I spent $77 on the perfume and got this month for free! Not only do I love the scent, the bottle is stunning. It’s printed with hand-drawn maps of Paris, how could I resist? I’m glad I fell in love with this scent, since the Violette Fumee one is $330 for the full size. Ouch! I’ll be sure to cherish my sample of it.

Olfactif Perfume Subscription January 2014 Review

I paid $18 for the subscription, but got the $18 back as credit towards my full size perfume purchase. My purchase also came with free shipping, so I think it’s a fantastic deal. I won’t be able to afford a full size purchase each month, but I think $18 is more than fair for the lovely packaging and the curated samples. Some of the perfumes are expensive (like the $330 one this month!), so even getting a sample is pretty luxurious and has good value. For people interested in perfume, I can’t recommend this subscription enough! It also makes a great gift, and I’m thinking about getting a 6 month one for my mom. Does anyone else subscribe to Olfactif? I’d love to hear your thoughts about it! 

As always, all views in this post are the opinion of the author. I am not affiliated with Olfactif in any way.


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