POPSUGAR Must Have January 2014 Review

I’m finally all caught up on my boxes! And I still can’t believe how quickly January is flying by; I feel like I just rang in the new year yesterday or something. I saw all the hearts and stuff in the stores and I suddenly realized that Valentine’s Day is only 3 weeks away. And of course for the subscription box obsessed, Valentine’s Day really just means extra little goodies in our boxes ūüôā

So anyways, this review is for the POPSUGAR Must Have January box! After a pretty disappointing December box, I had really high hopes for January.

POPSUGAR Must Have¬†is a subscription service that sends a variety of items for women that are curated by the POPSUGAR editors. Items typically include food, beauty, home, among other miscellaneous things. Each month is¬†$39.99/month, and you can use the code¬†REFER5¬†to get¬†$5 off¬†your first box!¬†POPSUGAR is definitely my favorite subscription out there. The value is always really good and the variety can’t be beat. Even the months that I don’t love are a great value and have at least 2 items that I will use, which covers the cost of the box.

Check out last month’s review¬†here.

Popsugar Must Have January 2014 ReviewI love their little pamphlet each month. I keep them all for reference when I need to replace an item I love (I just recently bought another Barr. Co. Diffuser from their September box!).

Popsugar Must Have January 2014 ReviewI’m always impressed with how full they keep the box! Even when there are just a few items, they definitely package with care and the box feels substantial.

Popsugar Must Have January 2014 ReviewThe Juice Generation Book | $15.93
Although we don’t have a juicer, we do have a VitaMix that doesn’t get nearly enough use. Hopefully this book will inspire me to make some more smoothies and juice! I flipped through it really quickly and it offers much more than just recipes. There are also tips on how to select and store fruits and vegetables, and general advice for eating well. It looks like it will be a good read! The Juice Generation also included a coupon for 30% off any six-pack of juice from their website, but the shipping is $47.86 to Texas! I think it might only be worth it if you’re in New York City. The 30% promo code is POPSUGAR, for any New Yorkers who might be interested.

Pipcorn Truffle Mini Popcorn | $6.00
First of all, this bag of popcorn is huge! It filled up the entire length of the POPSUGAR box. The truffle taste is really great: not too strong which is what I prefer. Also, I’m really digging the small kernels which are better for your teeth. Wish I had this stuff around when I wore braces!

Popsugar Must Have January 2014 ReviewRevlon by Marchesa Box O’ Files | $3.29
Not a very exciting item, since I have so many nail files already and Revlon isn’t exactly a brand that I associate POPSUGAR with. But nonetheless, they are really cute files and are small enough to keep in a purse or travel bag. I’ll definitely use them!

Malin + Goetz Detox Face Mask | $40.00
Love this! I tried it today and my skin feels super soft. It applies as a cream/gel texture and it becomes a foam that you can wipe off. The tingling bubble sensation is also really pleasant. My favorite thing about this mask is probably how quick and easy it is to use. You just apply the gel and leave it on for 5 minutes, then wipe or rinse off the foam. Since this is a full sized bottle, it should last a for a long time.

Popsugar Must Have January 2014 ReviewRifle Paper Co. 2014 Flip Around the World Desk Calendar | $16.00
This is adorable! I love pretty much everything that Rifle Paper Co. makes, so this is perfect. I only wish it came in the December box, since I already got myself a desk calendar (though not this cute). But I’ll still be able to use it on my desk at work, and I love the illustrations so much!

Jack and Lucy Touchscreen Gloves | $20 (?)
I couldn’t find these anywhere online! I can’t really decide on the value, but I think $20 is a fair assessment. They were a little too big for me, but I threw it in the dryer for a few minutes which helped shrink it just enough. And they work great on my iPhone! I was able to text and check my email, so that’s good enough for me. Just like with the calendar, I wish these had gone out in the December box. I’m still glad to see them in my January box, but I think it would have been better timing for the previous month.

Popsugar Must Have January 2014 ReviewOverall my box had a value of around $101.22, give or take a few dollars for the gloves. I think that’s a fantastic deal and since I will be using all 5 items, I really lucked out.¬†I do think it feels more like a December box and the Revlon nail files seem cheap, but I love the mask and calendar and gloves, which are the big ticket items. Overall, POPSUGAR is my favorite subscription and even during the months that I don’t particularly like (for example, December) I still feel like I am able to get my money’s worth. So how about you? Did you like this month as much as I did?

As always, all views in this post are the opinion of the author. I am not affiliated with POPSUGAR, though this post does contain referral links. You don’t have to use them, but I sure would appreciate it if you did ūüôā


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