New from Julep: The Plié Wand!

I got an email from Julep this morning about “their best idea yet”. Naturally, I was dying of curiosity! So curious that I opened the email at work and am now writing this blog post on my extended lunch break [hey, in my defense it was a slow day anyways ;)].

So the idea is this: a new applicator brush for nail polish that will allow for better control and accuracy. The ‘wand’ will be part of a larger system at Julep, and they will be redesigning caps and storage for their bottles.

The new idea is being crowdfunded, and for existing Mavens there is a $19.99 option that will include 1 Plié Wand, 1 extra Plié cap for any nail color, and 2 new Julep nail colors with the Plié caps. This option will count as the May box, so it’s sort of a pre-payment. For anyone interested in getting just a Plié Wand and a cap, I recommend signing for to be a Maven, since it’s by far the best deal for the tool. Use code FREEBOX to get your first month free, and prepay for the May box to get the wand.

For non-Mavens, there are several options:

  • $40 for the Julep Plié System (Plié Wand, extra cap, dotting tool & striping brush) and 2 Julep nail colors with Plié caps
  • $65 for the Julep Plié system (Plié Wand, extra cap, dotting tool & striping brush), 5 Julep nail colors with Plié caps, and the Julep Plié Color Magnet
  • $120 for the Julep Plié system (Plié Wand, extra cap, dotting tool & striping brush), 5 Julep nail colors with Plié caps, the Julep Color Caddy (with storage space for up to 57 nail colors), and a 30-minute video chat with a Julep vernisseur
  • $500 for 4 Julep Plié systems (Plié Wand, extra cap, dotting tool & striping brush), 10 Julep nail colors with Plié caps, and refreshments for you and three of your friends (I think you’re supposed to throw a mini-party with this option)
  • $5,000 for a hotel suite with refreshments for up to 8 guests, up to 8 Plié systems (Plié Wand, extra cap, dotting tool & striping brush), and a 2-hour master class with a Julep vernisseur
  • $10,000 to develop a custom color with Jane Park, 10 Plié systems (Plié Wand, extra cap, dotting tool & striping brush), and 100 bottles of your new color

Wow! I’m officially jealous of anyone who can afford one of those last two options.

Okay, now more about the actual wand. From the Julep site: “When women talk, we listen. And there’s one thing we hear all the time: “I’m really bad at polishing my own nails.” Trust us, it’s not you—you just don’t have the right tool! That’s why we joined forces with the award-winning design and innovation firm IDEO to create an ergonomic nail polishing tool that allows for more accuracy and better control, especially with your non-dominant hand. The result? You’ll spend less time fixing mistakes and more time enjoying your manicure.

Imagine if you’d spent your whole life writing with a pen cap, and then someone finally handed you a full-size pen. That’s what it feels like to polish with the Plié Wand.”

Julep Maven Plie Wand New Bottle Applicator Caps

  • The Julep Plié Wand

    Ergonomically designed to function as a natural extension of your hand, the Plié Wand offers an upgraded DIY mani: more accuracy, better control, and a lot more fun.


    • Long, balanced handle offers stability, comfort, and control, especially in your non-dominant hand.
    • Adjustable design twists, pivots, and bends so you don’t have to. This keeps your polishing hand steady and puts less strain on your wrists.
    • Interchangeable dotting tool and striping brush help you unleash your inner artist.

    How it Works:

    1. Snap magnetic Plié Wand into a new Julep polish cap.
    2. Unscrew cap and start polishing.
    3. Experiment with different grips and angles in each hand until you find a comfortable combination that feels right.

Julep Maven Plie Wand New Bottle Applicator Caps

It looks like they are also implementing a new storage system with the new caps? It’s going to be magnetic, but that’s all I really know. I found this picture on their blog, and I’m curious to see more pictures for how this will work out. Right now I’m a little perplexed about why this magnetic storage is better. Looks rather inefficient to me…

Julep Maven Plie Wand New Bottle Applicator CapsSo basically, this is fun but bittersweet news. I’m excited to try the wand, but I’m not thrilled about having to purchase new caps for all my existing Julep colors. I think I’ll try the wand because I’m so curious, and if I like it I’ll consider getting plie caps for my favorite Julep colors. But there’s no way I would dish out the money to replace all the caps! What do you guys think? Sorry this is a rather confusing and long post…


5 thoughts on “New from Julep: The Plié Wand!

    • I don’t know if I’m on board to switch out all my old caps, but I’m definitely going to try the wand. I was a little frustrated that we had to pay so far in advance! But I’m pretty sure they will still have the option available in May when it comes around. I think a lot of people are waiting 🙂 so if you’re on the fence about it I don’t think there’s any real rush

  1. I actually found out about this from a Julep customer service person. She was awesome! I do love my Julep nail polishes but I too have so many it would be fiscally ridiculous to change out all my caps. I’m hoping they will have a.fix to this issue. But, when May rolls around, I’ll likely get my box. I’m really good at polishing my nails so realistically I probably wouldn’t really need it but I do like new nail gadgets! I did find out from the cust. Svc gal that the square lids, that drive me crazy because they’re not practical while polishing. The square lid is great packaging but can interfere with polishing. So girls, did you know if you pull up on the square lid (and you may have to pull quite hard the first time), there is a nice round lid that makes things much easier! Wish they let you know about this when you first become a maven……but now ya know! 🙂

    • They recently announced that they had designed some sort of cap converter thing that would allow us to use the old caps with the new plie wand! I’m so glad they redesigned it and took customer feedback into consideration. And yes! I remember when I first found out the square caps come off, it totally blew my mind!

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