KLUTCHclub Best Of Box February 2014 Review

There was a coupon last month for a discounted KLUTCHclub “Best of” Box, so I jumped on board for a one-time purchase. KLUTCHclub is a monthly subscription service that sends a box of eco-friendly and healthy products to you for a greener lifestyle. You can also purchase a single box as a gift if you don’t want a recurring subscription. The “Best of” KLUTCHclub box is supposed to contain at least $75 worth of stuff for $18/month. If you’re interested in trying the box, I would wait for another coupon to come out. They have them pretty regularly! I only paid $8 for this box.

KLUTCHclub Best Of Box ReviewAngie’s Popcorn Boom Chicka Pop Sea Salt Popcorn | $0.50
I love popcorn, but this package was tiny! It was essentially a handful of popcorn, and it didn’t taste particularly special. Not sure if I would repurchase a full sized one due to the price, but I did enjoy sampling it.

Beanfield’s Bean and Rice Chips Nacho Flavor | $1.17
I thought these were really good! I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the nacho flavor and I will probably buy more. I also recommend it to all my friends who are eating gluten-free! It’s a great chip alternative and doesn’t compromise flavor at all.

KLUTCHclub Best Of Box ReviewBIC Soleil Bella 4 Blade Disposable Razor | $2.10
I haven’t used it yet but it’s something nice to have on hand for travel. I always appreciate disposable razors from various boxes, but I think I might be in the minority for that. I remember when Birchbox sent them out a while back and lots of people were upset.

Puracyn Wound Care Spray | $5.18
I’ve never used a product like this before, but the reviews look very promising! I think it’s going to be a good addition to our first aid kit.

Eclos Daily HyrdraPrimer SPF 30 | $2.00
Good reviews for this product as well! I like the coverage and it has a beige tint to it, so it gives a sheer wash of color. Anything with SPF in it is perfect for me, since my skin burns rather easily.

Dr. Schulze’s Daily Oral Therapy | $1.00
This sample is for one use, so I couldn’t get a feel for this product. The website seems super sketchy, or is it just me?

KLUTCHclub Best Of Box ReviewPenta Water | $??
I was so confused about this product. At first I thought maybe it was just one of those silly ‘luxury’ water brands like Fiji but after a quick google search it sounds like this product actually claims to be a different kind of water. There’s a Wikipedia article about the controvery here.

KLUTCHclub Best Of Box ReviewJaali Bean Lentil and Rice Kit Creamy Coconut | $4.99
I made this a few days ago and it was pretty good! You can definitely taste the coconut and it was easy to make. It took about 25 minutes and took only one pot. I served it as a quick side for our dinner and my boyfriend liked it as well.

Gnu Foods Fiber Love Cinnamon Raisin | $1.68
I didn’t care for the taste and texture, but just looking at the great reviews for this product I might give them another shot. General consensus seems to be a vote for the chocolate brownie flavor.

PowerBar Performance Energy Blend Gel Banana Blueberry | $2.00
I’m not much of a power gel person, so I didn’t actually try this. Maybe my boyfriend will bring it with him on his next workout?

KLUTCHclub Best Of Box ReviewThis was a pretty confusing and disappointing box. While I liked the food items and the SPF primer and razor, everything else was kind of weird and the box definitely didn’t have the promised value. The overall value was $20.62, not including the strange bottled water. I’m so glad I didn’t pay full price for this! Even for $8, it’s pretty disappointing. I know some people really love KLUTCHclub so maybe this was just a bad month? Either way, I don’t think I’ll be trying them again.

As always, all views in this review are the opinion of the author. Nothing was received in exchange for a review, and I am not affiliated with KLUTCHclub.


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