GlossyBox February 2014 Review

Thank goodness it’s finally the weekend! This week has been so crazy I haven’t had time to do any reviews. And this GlossyBox one is so belated; I got my box on Monday, March 10th (finally) but I’ve been so busy I didn’t even get to open it until today. I can’t believe this is still the February GlossyBox!

GlossyBox is $21/month, and each box contains five luxury beauty products. They usually have a good amount of full-sized products as well as the usual deluxe-sized samples. GlossyBox is one of my favorite subscriptions to give as gifts, since they have awesome packaging and substantially large products.

I was a little annoyed when I opened the box and saw the Valentine’s Day theming. It’s already March! And since GlossyBox knows that they ship towards the end of the month, they should really be planning these boxes ahead of time. If this were the January box, it would have arrived around Valentine’s Day. I’ll be annoyed if March has a St. Patrick’s Day theme, since I’ll definitely be receiving it in April.

Glossybox February 2014 Review

Glossybox February 2014 ReviewSumita Beauty Kala Contrast Pencil in Black | $15.00
Another black eyeliner, sigh. At least this is a really great one! But I think I just have too many and I’ll never get through it all!

Anatomicals Puffy the Eye Bag Slayer Wake-Up Under Eye Patches | $11.00
I’m glad that this is a full sized product, so it comes with three packs to use. I’ve never tried anything from this brand before, but I love how fun their packaging and products are! I’ll definitely be needing these patches if next week is anything like this past week…

Renu Lip and Eye Active Lift | $49.00
I really didn’t expect this eye and lip plumping cream to be so expensive! It’s a pretty tiny bottle yet it’s a full sized product, so I’m sure a little will go a long way. I’m a little curious as to how GlossyBox determined who would receive this item and who would get the lip balm, since this is for ‘mature skin’ and I’m in my early 20’s. Oh well, no real complaints since I’m happy to try this!

Glossybox February 2014 ReviewPureology Multi-Tasking Hair Beautifier for Color-Treated Hair | $3.50
I don’t have color treated hair, though I’m sure it doesn’t make a big difference for styling. But still, I’ll probably be passing this along to a friend. I also get too many styling products in my boxes and can never use them fast enough!

Glossybox February 2014 ReviewLauren B. Beauty Nail Couture Polish in City of Angels | $18.00
And this is the real reason why I got this box! The packaging is lovely and the color is just perfect for me. Unfortunately, I had a lot of trouble applying this nail polish. It was really streaky and hard to use. Did anyone else have this problem? Maybe I’m just too used to using only Julep and Zoya now and forgot how to apply with other formulas.

Glossybox February 2014 ReviewOverall, this box had a great value at $96.50, but it definitely isn’t one of my favorite boxes. Disregarding the shipping problems, I just wasn’t too excited with the products. The black eyeliner is something I’ve received before from other boxes and the hair styling product is designed for color-treated hair. Plus, the nail polish was so disappointing! I’ll give the Lauren B. brand another try, but I would love to hear if others are having the same issues!

As always, all views in this review are the opinion of the author. Nothing was received in exchange for a review, and I am not affiliated with GlossyBox.


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