Pijon Box March 2014 Review

For some reason I never remember that I’m supposed to get a PijonBox each month, so it’s always a surprise. I think because last month was pretty lackluster, and I wasn’t crazy about the December box either. Plus, they didn’t have a January shipment since a lot of schools have an extended winter break.

PijonBox is a subscription service catered to the needs of college students; they deliver a variety of products including snacks, beauty products, and other useful items. They also partner with Project Night Night, a nonprofit that donates care packages (consisting of a blanket, a children’s book, and a stuffed animal) to homeless and underprivileged children. The service is $29/month, or less if you sign up for an extended period of time. Check out my review of February’s box here!

The theme for March is ‘Get Energized’, which makes sense for the upcoming midterms/finals and spring break! Some of my friends are already on break while others are still battling exams. Best of luck to all of you!

Pijon Box March 2014 ReviewPan De Oro Blue Sesame Tortilla Chips | $1.75
I’ve never had blue sesame tortilla chips before, and they’re surprisingly good. It’s fun to discover new food brands through boxes, and this one is brand new to me and they have other awesome sounding chips…including a garlic herb tortilla chip! All their chips are non-GMO, organic, and gluten-free. I don’t particularly care about any of these things, but it’s nice to have products that are safe for everyone when guests are over!

Pijon Box March 2014 ReviewRevolution Tea Sample Pack | $1.00
Another new brand discovery for me, and they have some great flavors. I wish there was more than just 3 teabags! I highly recommend the Blackberry Jasmine Oolong, it’s the perfect blend of fruity and floral! I will definitely be buying more, and hopefully trying their other flavors. I found a lot of their teas on Amazon for pretty cheap, and a lot of reviews recommend the Earl Grey Lavender.

Pijon Box March 2014 ReviewNot Your Mother’s Plump For Joy Thickening Hair Lifter | $5.99
This is a drugstore brand that can be easily found at Target or Walmart, so I wasn’t too thrilled about trying it. Not that I have anything against drugstore brands (Neutrogena will always be my BFF!) but I’ve had mostly bad experiences with drugstore hair products. Unfortunately, this product wasn’t all that great. It didn’t do very much for my hair, and I found the spray bottle to be kind of messy.

Pijon Box March 2014 ReviewTOCCS Panorama Earbuds | $29.00
I refuse to believe these are actually $29!! While the case is cute and convenient for keeping the earbuds untangled, the sound quality is awful. Like really awful. Also the fit is pretty weird, and offers no noise cancellation. For just a few more cents, you could get these awesome Sennheiser earbuds from Amazon, there’s no better bang for your buck!

Pijon Box March 2014 ReviewEnergems Chocolates  | $2.99 each
Tasty! They’re also pretty big chocolates. For some reason I expected each one to be the size of an M&M, but they’re closer to the size of quarters. Each box contains 9 chocolates, and 3 chocolates is equivalent to the caffeine in one energy drink. I like that these are really convenient and have a candy coating to help prevent melting, but based purely on taste I prefer the Awake chocolates Pijon sent in their October 2013 box.

Pijon Box March 2014 ReviewThe total retail value for this box is $43.72, though I really would estimate it closer to $25. I can’t get over how those earbuds are valued at $29! Out of this entire box, my favorite item is probably the tea, which is actually quite sad, since I can get tea samples for next to nothing. I feel like Pijon Box really needs to start stepping it up, since the boxes (in my opinion) are getting worse and worse over time. I used to really appreciate their curation even when the retail values weren’t very high, but I’m not feeling it anymore. In the first box they sent out laundry detergent, a notebook, and a peel and stick chalkboard among other things. It really made sense to me since they were all items I would have wanted to use in college and might have forgotten to purchase for myself. It felt like a great care package and I wrote a glowing review. But now, the items don’t really feel tailored to the needs of a college student, and the boxes are disappointing.

This box definitely felt very thin. I will not be resubscribing once my current subscription expires. I don’t think it’s worth the $29/month, especially when there are really amazing subscriptions out there for around the same price that I’m dying to try. I wish Pijon would stop offering so many 50% off deals on LivingSocial and focus instead on creating a better box experience for their existing customers. Maybe I’ll give them another try in the future, but I think April will be my last month.

As always, all views in this review are the opinion of the author. Nothing was received in exchange for a review, and I am not affiliated with PijonBox.


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