Nina Garcia Quarterly Co. #NGQ02 Box Review

Finally, the second shipment for Quarterly’s Nina Garcia box is here! It actually got here last week, but since this box is so full of stuff it is taking me a very long time to finish this review. Also, this is going to be an image-heavy post: 23 photos!

Quarterly is a service that offers subscriptions curated by influential and inspirational people in various fields and specialties. I love the wide range they cover, I think they really have something for everyone. Each box ships once every 3 months, and depending on who your curator is, each shipment is $25, $50, or $100. Nina’s box is $100 per shipment, which is pricey but in my opinion absolutely worth it.

Check out my review for the first shipment (#NGQ01) here!

Nina Garcia Quarterly Co. #NGQ02 Box ReviewQuarterly boxes always come with a letter from the curator describing why they picked the items in the box, and I find these letters to always be well thought out and heartfelt. It’s a little something that makes the subscription feel more member-exclusive and personal. Nina’s theme for this box is the celebration of her 5th anniversary as Creative Director at Marie Claire!

Nina Garcia Quarterly Co. #NGQ02 Box ReviewAll the items were wrapped individually with custom tissue paper. It really felt like opening a bunch of presents!

Nina Garcia Quarterly Co. #NGQ02 Box ReviewLafco New York Fresh Cut Gardenia Soap | $17.00
The whole box smelled so good thanks to this soap! Also, the soap is super generously sized. It’s going to last me a very long time. There seems to be a variation in the soap in this box, and I think some people got a less floral scent, but I’m really happy with gardenia! I’m glad to receive a luxurious item that I would probably never buy for myself.

Nina Garcia Quarterly Co. #NGQ02 Box Review

Graphic Image Leather Pocket Notebook | $36.00
I think this is another custom item for the Nina box, since you can personalize these notebooks on the Graphic Image website. It’s pretty crazy to think this tiny thing is worth $36 though! The leather is really lovely quality, but it’s really small and on the inside is completely ordinary. Not something I would ever pay full price for, but happy to receive it in a box!

X-Pen Lord Ballpoint Pen | $24.20
I’ve seen some reviews estimate this pen for just a few dollars, but I’m pretty sure it’s the ‘Lord’ ballpoint, which is $24.40 on the X-Pen website. And even though that is insanely expensive for a pen and I would never pay full price for it, it’s definitely high quality and looks really elegant. The pen also has a great weight to it and definitely feels luxe in your hand. I like that it just has Nina’s signature on it, not like an advertisement for the Quarterly box. How tacky would that be?

Nina Garcia Quarterly Co. #NGQ02 Box Review

Happy Chic by Jonathan Adler Gold Chevron Frame | $15.00
I wasn’t aware of Jonathan Adler’s very affordable line at JCPenney, so this was a great find. There were two variations of frames sent out, and I’m glad I got this gold chevron one. It looks adorable on my desk and I think it’s versatile enough to fit a lot of different color schemes. I’m really liking the mix of luxury products and affordable finds in this box!

Nina Garcia Quarterly Co. #NGQ02 Box Review

C Wonder Delicate Pave Spike Cuff | $34.00
Much more delicate in person vs. in photos, and it’s definitely my kind of jewelry. It’s really cute and dainty, and you can bend the metal gently to adjust your size. There were at least 4 variations of this item in the box: some people received the cuff with hearts, and others got skulls, and I think I saw one with elephants. For me, I would have liked any option except maybe the skulls, a little too edgy for me.

Nina Garcia Quarterly Co. #NGQ02 Box Review

This is what it looks like on my wrist. I’m really liking this cuff and I might have to buy some more from their website. They have super cute zodiac ones!

Nina Garcia Quarterly Co. #NGQ02 Box Review

Charming Charlie Slip Up Flap Wallet | $15.00
I LOVE this wallet! The floral pattern is adorable and the strap enclosure is super cute with the metal bar. I can’t believe it’s only $15! Granted, it’s not a very high quality wallet but it still looks more than $15 to me. Mine didn’t have any construction problems, and is holding up very well after using it for a few days.

Nina Garcia Quarterly Co. #NGQ02 Box Review

I’m enjoying how much space there is. There are slots for 12 cards in this wallet, which makes it perfect for holding all my giftcards and such. Plus it’s such a great pattern for spring!

Nina Garcia Quarterly Co. #NGQ02 Box Review

Spenglish ‘Muy Cool’ T-Shirt | $55.00 (?)
I was pretty surprised to see a shirt in the box, since Quarterly doesn’t ask for sizing or anything in the sign-up process. Everyone received a size large, which is bound to make some people upset. In Nina’s letter she mentions how the shirt is supposed to be oversized, and I think it could be cute with skinny jeans or leggings if you can make it work. Unfortunately, it’s just way too big for me (I’m usually a small, occasionally a medium). Besides, I’m not sure how likely I am to wear something that says ‘muy cool’. Just not my cup of tea.

Nina Garcia Quarterly Co. #NGQ02 Box ReviewIt’s hard to guess the retail value of this, since it’s another Nina Garcia exclusive! There are a couple other shirts that are similar in style and material on Spenglish’s site for $55, so that’s what I would guess.

Nina Garcia Quarterly Co. #NGQ02 Box ReviewLaura Mercier Bonne Mine Palette | $48.00
I was so happy to see this face palette! It’s full of great neutrals for that ‘no makeup’ look, and 100% of the proceeds go to the Laura Mercier Ovarian Cancer Fund. I think it was an awesome makeup choice for spring, and I’ve already started using it on a daily basis. Great quality products, which is as expected for Laura Mercier 🙂

Nina Garcia Quarterly Co. #NGQ02 Box ReviewUniversally flattering colors! And it has got the perfect balance of products: 1 bronzer, 2 cheek colors, and 2 highlighters, all perfectly packaged for on-the-go! Plus I love how it’s all very buildable, so you can get a sheer natural look but also a more bold look if you prefer.

Nina Garcia Quarterly Co. #NGQ02 Box ReviewNot to mention, the packaging is superb! These little how-to cards flip out from behind the mirror and are labelled at the top with the product name so you know how to apply each color.

Nina Garcia Quarterly Co. #NGQ02 Box Review

O.P.I. Nail Polish in Greenade | $7.00
An exclusive O.P.I. color designed for Nina Garcia! Even though greens really aren’t my thing, I might try to rock this one for spring. I wonder if I’ll be able to recognize the color on a fellow subscription-addict?

Nina Garcia Quarterly Co. #NGQ02 Box ReviewDezso by Sara Beltran Petite Shark Tooth Necklace | $100.00
I’m on the fence about this product. It’s the most expensive item in the box, but definitely not my favorite. I think the silver tooth is too small for the thick black cord, because it’s not heavy enough to keep the cord straight and it ends up looking really messy and cheap. If the tooth charm were on a dainty chain, I might love this piece! I am a teensy bit sad that one of the big ticket items is not my taste though.

Nina Garcia Quarterly Co. #NGQ02 Box ReviewAnd here’s a close-up of the tooth. It’s absolutely tiny (about the size of an unpopped kernel of popcorn) and in my opinion is overpowered by the black cord. I might try to wear it as a bracelet instead? Not sure yet.

Nina Garcia Quarterly Co. #NGQ02 Box ReviewPhilosophy Time in a Bottle | $74.00
I’ve been dying to try this! It has great reviews and I’m going through a serum phase right now. So glad to get a full sized bottle from Philosophy, one of my favorite brands! Since this has a fresh-pour system that expires 3 months from the open date, I need to finish off my current serum(s) before I start Time in a Bottle. Can’t wait to try, people have been reporting great results!

Nina Garcia Quarterly Co. #NGQ02 Box Review

Donkey Co. Pret-A-Porter Tea Bags | $2.00 (?) 
So adorable! It’s a fun little extra, another exclusive for this box. The tea bags are actually held in place on a folded card, and there’s an envelope included as well. Presumably it’s supposed to look like a birthday card for Nina? But since they gave me an envelope that fits the card, I might actually mail this to my friend who is a huuuuge fan of tea and Marie Claire!

Nina Garcia Quarterly Co. #NGQ02 Box ReviewTom Ford Jasmin Rouge Eau de Parfum Sample | $6.00
This is a normal sized perfume sample, so usually the value for these would be closer to $1. But this Tom Ford perfume is $210 for a 1.7 oz bottle! Yikes!! The jasmine scent is very strong and a little bit goes a long way, but I still can’t justify that price tag.

ReVive Moisturizing Renewal Serum 6 ml Deluxe Sample | $47.00
When I first saw this tiny 6 ml sample, I wasn’t too impressed. Then I looked up the full sized item and saw that it’s $235 for 30 ml and I was blown away that we received a bottle worth $47. It’s actually really unfortunate that I love this serum, since I won’t ever be able to afford the full sized version! Seriously, this stuff is awesome. Maybe someday I’ll get a big promotion and I can splurge on it….a girl can dream, right?

Nina Garcia Quarterly Co. #NGQ02 Box ReviewFausto Puglisi Collage Poster | ??
I wasn’t really sure what to do with this poster; it’s approximately 11″ x 17″ and not really my style.

Nina Garcia Quarterly Co. #NGQ02 Box ReviewMarie Claire March Magazine | $4.99
And of course, the Marie Claire magazine for March! Even though I don’t read these sorts of magazine regularly, they’re fun to have on hand for business trips and whatnot.

Nina Garcia Quarterly Co. #NGQ02 Box ReviewSo overall, I am ridiculously in love with this box. For $100, I received approximately $485.19 worth of products. Not to mention, a lot of these items are exclusive and made just for the Quarterly subscription! Not everything is perfectly my style (though this time it was very close), but even the items I’m not 100% sold on helps push me to integrate new things into my wardrobe. I can’t recommend this box enough if you like what you see! The only downside is how there isn’t an overall aesthetic for these boxes. This second shipment is totally different from the first one, so I have no idea what to expect for the next box. It’s a gamble, but so far it has paid off very well for me. What do you think? Is anyone going to be taking the plunge for the next box?

As always, all views in this post are the opinion of the author. I am not affiliated with Quarterly Co. or Nina Garcia in any way.


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