Pijon Box April 2014 Review

I got my last PijonBox shipment a couple days ago, and it’s actually one of my favorites since the first box! The theme for April is Spring fashion, and I felt like they did a good job curating for a college student. Not everything is up my alley, but I think I would have enjoyed it as a student.

PijonBox is a subscription service catered to the needs of college students; they deliver a variety of products including snacks, beauty products, and other useful items. They also partner with Project Night Night, a nonprofit that donates care packages (consisting of a blanket, a children’s book, and a stuffed animal) to homeless and underprivileged children. The service is $29/month, or less if you sign up for an extended period of time. Check out my review of March’s box here!

Pijon Box April 2014 Review

Bombas Calf Socks (2 pairs) | $9.00 each
Bombas Ankle Socks | $9.00
Initially, I was a little confused about why they chose to include 3 pairs of socks in the box, but then I remembered how college students are always running out of socks! I was probably losing a pair each time I did laundry in the laundry room, so this would have been a very welcome box in my college days. Also, these are super great for working out! They keep your feet dry and are really comfortable, yet stylish. Oh, and did I mention that the Bombas brand is super awesome and donates a pair of socks for each pair they sell? Homeless shelters are always in desperate need of socks, and I think this is a fantastic mission. I’m going to buy more of the ankle socks right away!

Pijon Box April 2014 Review


Nectar Sunglasses in Disco | $20.00
While these sunglasses aren’t exactly my style, they’ll be a good pair to keep in the car or beach bag. The fit is pretty comfortable, and the frame is very light but durable. And the brand fits perfectly with the college lifestyle. I definitely see these sunglasses being a hit at Coachella or something!

Pijon Box April 2014 Review


Nature’s Bakery Whole Wheat Fig Bars (2) | $0.63 each
Oh my god. These fig bars again! I think I’ve gotten one of these fig bars from almost every subscription now. And once again, they’re actually pretty good. But seriously, I hope I never get one ever again. 

La Fresh Travel Lite Antibacterial Wipes 8 pack | $2.49
Not sure how this fits into the Spring fashion theme, but these are always useful. I’ll definitely keep the pack in my purse. I didn’t know La Fresh launched a ‘Travel Lite’ series, so I’m glad this was included in my box. I’ll be picking up more of their travel packs for the future.

Pijon Box April 2014 Review

The total retail value for this box is $50.75, which I think is very solid. It’s definitely a big step up from their previous box, and I will actually use all the items! For a college subscription box, I think it’s right on the money with this one. These were all great selections for a student, and I’m happy that the sunglasses are a ‘fun’ item.

However, I will not be resubscribing now that my current subscription has expired. I actually think they only have one more month before the boxes stop for the summer time, to be resumed in September. Maybe next time I see a 50% off deal on LivingSocial I’ll give them another try.

As always, all views in this review are the opinion of the author. Nothing was received in exchange for a review, and I am not affiliated with PijonBox.


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