POPSUGAR Must Have Promo Code: $10 Off for May 2014!

Another $10 promo code for POPSUGAR Must Have to use in May! Use code MAY10 to save $10 off your first POPSUGAR Must Have box! I’m loving all these $10 codes they’ve been doing each month. But since they have been releasing these codes each month since February now, I would recommend doing the month-to-month plan since it’s affordable and there’s no commitment. For $30, it’s absolutely worth it! POPSUGAR is definitely my favorite box, even when they have some shipping problems (like they do for the April one…I still don’t have my box yet!). In the end, they have fantastic customer service and the value of the boxes can’t be beat!



6 thoughts on “POPSUGAR Must Have Promo Code: $10 Off for May 2014!

  1. Can you cancel your month to month and then resubscribe with the $10 off? Or does it have to be on a new account with no orders?

    • I’ve tried canceling and resubscribing in the same account successfully before, but one of my friends said she had to make a different account for last month’s code. I would say give it a try!

  2. Did they mention an expiration date? I’m trying to get the May box today using the code, but it’s saying it is invalid 😦

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