POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Resort Box Review

So I finally got my Special Edition Resort box from POPSUGAR Must Have, about a month late. I ordered it back in February, and it was supposed to ship by March 31st. However, they had a problem with one of the suppliers (I’m guessing it’s RB of McD…but more on that later), and ended up not having enough boxes for all the subscribers. As a result, some people got their boxes on time, while others got an email saying they would ship by April 7th. And then out of the group who got the email, a handful of people (including yours truly!) didn’t get their boxes shipped until a week after that. And since they ship using FedEx Smartpost, it took about 8 business days to get from California to Texas. Yikes.

Can you tell I’m not a very happy camper right now? At $100/box, it’s definitely a splurge for most people and when POPSUGAR doesn’t deliver on time, it’s disheartening and frustrating. I didn’t even get a heads up when the shipping got pushed back a second time! I’ve been with POPSUGAR for a while now and know this isn’t their normal level of service, so I won’t hold it against them in regards to future purchases. But it definitely put a damper on my excitement for this box 😦

POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Resort Box ReviewEvery time I get a Special Edition box, I’m impressed with the overall presentation. They definitely manage to get the luxury vibe across.

POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Resort Box ReviewAnd each item is always individually wrapped in tissue paper. It definitely feels like a mini Christmas morning each time!

POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Resort Box ReviewSalty Road Salty Caramel Apple Taffy | $6.50
Delicious! I honestly can’t imagine how caramel apple taffy could possibly go wrong! I’m happy to discover and support this brand, since they make all their candy in small batches in Brooklyn and I have a soft spot for any up-and-coming confectioner.

POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Resort Box Review

Clark’s Botanicals Cellular Lifting Moisture Mist | $28.00
We received the 30ml size, which is actually perfect for keeping in a purse for on the go. It’s really refreshing and I foresee a lot of use for this in the awful Houston heat that’s slowly creeping up. This definitely feels very ‘vacation’ and ‘resort’!

POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Resort Box ReviewSmashbox Santigolden Age Double-Ended Limitless Liner | $24.00
Although I like Smashbox products, I was pretty ‘meh’ about this liner. Maybe it’s just because I’m not adventurous at all when it comes to eyeliner…but I can’t imagine being able to pull this off. If anyone has tips, that would be greatly appreciated! I received the bright blue and soft gold combination, which in my opinion is at least better than the green/yellow combination? But still, I’m totally clueless about what looks I can achieve with this.

POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Resort Box ReviewSisco Berluti Bracelet Stack | $160.00 (?)
Since this stack was made exclusively for POPSUGAR, I can’t find an exact value for it online. But judging by the price of individual bracelets that are similar in style, I think $160 is a fair assessment. These bracelets are definitely my favorite items from the box! They’re absolutely gorgeous and perfect for summer. Totally stunning as a stack, but works individually too or mixed with other bracelets.

POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Resort Box ReviewEpicuren Discovery Tropical Lave | $25.00
This is a body wash that can double as a shampoo, which is interesting and potentially useful for travel (one less bottle to worry about!), though I haven’t tried using it as a shampoo yet. The scent is really perfect for the resort theme: coconuts and lime! And it’s such a generous size that it will last me a long time.

POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Resort Box ReviewR.B. of McD Clutch | ??
So this is the item that I have a serious problem with. It’s definitely not a luxury item, even though the brand usually sells very beautiful leather bags. They created this special clutch for the POPSUGAR box, but honestly the box would have done better without it. The craftsmanship on this clutch is truly awful. Awful to the point where if I saw it in a store, I wouldn’t buy it for any price. And the really sad part? I actually got an okay bag compared to a lot of other people! I’ve seen pictures of completely crooked bags, zippers that don’t line up, leather that doesn’t match in color for both sides, etc.

POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Resort Box ReviewThe way the leather is cut and stitched looks like one of my early sewing projects! Definitely not something I expect from a high-end company, and not the kind of bag I would want to be seen with. It’s also not so much a clutch but more of a travel/cosmetics bag.

POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Resort Box ReviewThe inside isn’t even lined, and it’s painfully obvious that it was made in a hurry. Something tells me this was the item that held up the boxes for so many people. I do feel kind of sad for R.B. of McD, since they obviously wanted to get their name out there but the bag is a total flop. I wish they had maybe done a smaller bag without any leather, but spent the time to sew it well.

POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Resort Box Review

Cuyana Turkish Towel | $55.00
This was the spoiler that was released for the box, and I love it! It’s very soft and lightweight, yet highly absorbent. Perfect for bringing to the beach or the pool! I actually went ahead and bought another in the Rose color for my mom. With beach season right around the corner, I couldn’t be happier to have this on hand.

POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Resort Box ReviewSo overall, this box was okay for me. I love the bracelet stack and the towel, so that’s a great value already. However, the clutch is awful and I probably won’t be using it at all. Maybe as a random travel bag for toiletries or something? I’m also still frustrated with the shipping, since I had to wait 3 extra weeks because of the silly clutch that I don’t even like! But at least the other items are enjoyable and fit the resort theme really well. This was a good mix of items and the value is still there, even without considering the clutch.

I’m looking forward to reviewing my April POPSUGAR Must Have box tomorrow, so stay tuned! And for anyone interested in joining: use code MAY10 to save $10 off your first POPSUGAR Must Have box!

As always, all views in this post are the opinion of the author. I am not affiliated with POPSUGAR, though this post does contain referral links. You don’t have to use them, but I sure would appreciate it if you did 🙂


3 thoughts on “POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Resort Box Review

  1. I also was very upset with the shipping situation, because I only ordered this box for a vacation. Thankfully, I received the box one day before I left! I totally agree with you about the RB of McD bag. I ended up using it to store my electronics cords for the trip and it worked out nicely for that purpose. I don’t see using it as a ‘going out’ clutch but would maybe use it as a makeup bag. I have very basic sewing skills and I’ve made bags that look much nicer than this. . plus, you can go on Pinterest and find a million tutorials. I used the Turkish towel on my vacation and it worked out really great, totally loved it.

    • The Turkish towel is awesome! I’m glad you received your box in time for vacation, and put the terrible RB of McD bag to good use. I still don’t know what to do with it, it’s not even as nice as the free makeup bags I get from Sephora!

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