POPSUGAR Must Have April 2014 Review

April wasn’t a very good month for POPSUGAR in terms of shipping, but they really hit the box out of the ballpark! I didn’t think they could top the March box, but I think April is now my favorite POPSUGAR Must Have box ever.

POPSUGAR Must Have is a subscription service that sends a variety of items for women that are curated by the POPSUGAR editors. Items typically include food, beauty, home, among other miscellaneous things. Each month is $39.99/month, but you can use the code MAY10 to get $10 off your first box! It’s hands down my favorite subscription thus far. (And for $30 it’s an awesome deal.) Check out last month’s review here!

POPSUGAR Must Have April 2014 ReviewBlue Avocado Eco Shopper | $24.99
I have more than enough reusable totes, but this one is definitely the cutest! And I love that it zips up into a convenient size (iPhone pictured to show scale). Unlike some foldable/collapsable totes that are near impossible to refold properly, this one is actually really easy to do. You don’t have to fold it precisely, and it took me maybe 30 seconds to get it the first time. Definitely a keeper!

POPSUGAR Must Have April 2014 ReviewThe pattern is adorable and totally perfect for Spring and Summer. I took it to the farmer’s market yesterday and got tons of compliments! The straps are wide and comfortable on the shoulder, which is a huge plus for me.

POPSUGAR Must Have April 2014 ReviewCaldrea Rosewater Driftwood Hand Soap | $10.50
The scent is a great blend of rose, gardenia, and lily, with undertones of cedar and musk. I was already a big fan of Caldrea before I got this soap, since they use natural and safe ingredients and have an amazing range of unique scents. I highly recommend their Sweet Pea scent, it’s one of my favorites! I did notice that my soap leaked a little bit, and it seems a lot of people experienced this. Luckily it was wrapped in bubble wrap and in its own box, so the leakage didn’t damage anything.

POPSUGAR Must Have April 2014 ReviewFresh Pastry Stand Totally Awesome Tea Towel Set | $18.00
I love Fresh Pastry Stand, even though these aren’t my favorite designs from her shop. I’m so happy to see POPSUGAR partnering with an Etsy seller for this box! I hope they continue doing this, since there are so many amazing shops and who doesn’t like handmade goodies?

POPSUGAR Must Have April 2014 ReviewBeing a total type nerd, these are going to be fun to have around the house. I feel like a lot of Fresh Pastry Stand’s other patterns would fit the theme of the April box more (you should check out her vintage Pyrex prints!), but I still really like these. They’re pretty big tea towels measuring approximately 28″ x 29″, which is useful for drying dishes 🙂

POPSUGAR Must Have April 2014 ReviewPOPSUGAR Must Have April 2014 Review

Nature Box POPSUGAR Must Have Mix | $4.00
I used to have a Nature Box subscription, but have since cancelled (just too many snacks in this household!). This mix definitely was not for me, since I don’t like soybeans or dried corn. And I would probably like them even less combined together. Nature Box has rebranded very recently, so this is actually the old packaging. I’m surprised they didn’t take this opportunity to show off their new brand!

POPSUGAR Must Have April 2014 ReviewGraphic Image ‘Run The World’ Pocket Notebook | $36.00
Love this notebook! It’s the same size and material as the one I got in my Nina Garcia box recently, so it seems like Graphic Image is working with various subscription boxes. And since I love Graphic Image, I couldn’t be happier! The leather is really amazing quality and this blue one is softer compared to the Nina one I received. I don’t think I can have enough small notebooks in my life, so this was a definite win in my book.

POPSUGAR Must Have April 2014 ReviewToo Faced Natural Eyes Palette | $36.00
Oh my gosh, totally love! The last thing I need in my world is more eyeshadow, but I couldn’t resist such a gorgeous palette! I used to have the very old version of this many years ago, back when it was still cardboard with a pull-out drawer, and I’m thrilled with their updated packaging. It’s so much sleeker and sturdier now!

POPSUGAR Must Have April 2014 ReviewSo pretty! I’m glad they replaced the bottom left color, because before this it was full of glitter and it was the only one I didn’t get to the pan of. That was probably the only complaint I had about this palette, so I guess it’s perfect now. But seriously, just this palette made this whole box more than worth it for me!

POPSUGAR Must Have April 2014 ReviewTotal value for the April box: $129.49. For what I paid (about $32), that’s a phenomenal deal! I’ve loved March and April so much, is it too much to hope for a May box that is just as good? It seems like POPSUGAR is really stepping up their game for these boxes, and I hope it pays off for them. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for us in May! And don’t forget to use MAY10 to get $10 off your first box for May (that brings the price down to just $29.99)! If you’re a current month-to-month subscriber, you can cancel your account and make a new one with a different email. I know a lot of people have been doing that, and honestly it makes sense. I would do it too if I didn’t have an annual plan that I prepaid for!

As always, all views in this post are the opinion of the author. I am not affiliated with POPSUGAR, though this post does contain referral links. You don’t have to use them, but I sure would appreciate it if you did 🙂


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