Bespoke Post Box: Weekender and Promo Code

It’s been a while since I got a Bespoke Post box, but I chose their Weekender box last month in anticipation for a trip to Chicago. I love that Bespoke Post is supposed to be geared towards a male audience, but the products end up being pretty gender neutral (like things for the home). It’s a great box that my boyfriend and I both look forward to!

Their skip policy is fantastic, because you can preview the entire box and skip the month if I don’t like any of the options. They also send out email reminders, and you have until the 5th of the month to decide. It’s $45/month, which is pricey but the very easy skip policy makes it less intimidating. Plus, all their items are very high quality and they have spectacular customer service. You can return the entire box for a refund if you don’t like it, and they’ll even cover the return shipping. If you’re interested in trying (highly recommend!), you can take 30% off your first box with promo code LONELY!

Bespoke Post Box: Weekender and Promo Code

Bespoke Post Box: Weekender and Promo CodeIt came with a little pamphlet about travel tips and fun airports.

Bespoke Post Box: Weekender and Promo CodeThe actual bag!

Bespoke Post Box: Weekender and Promo CodeI stuffed the bag with a standard pillow for this photo, which should also give you an idea of how big it is. The pillow fit very easily, and the bag would definitely hold more.

Bespoke Post Box: Weekender and Promo CodeI like how it’s structured at the top and the bottom, it makes for a very clean look and also helps protect the contents a little more.

Bespoke Post Box: Weekender and Promo CodeVery sturdy leather handles. The handles are incredibly comfortable and I had no problem carrying this bag around all day.

Bespoke Post Box: Weekender and Promo CodeThe bag is held closed with two old fashioned leather straps. I thought it was a really cool feature and it gave the bag a very distinct look, but I can see how it would be annoying to undo two buckles each time you wanted something out of your bag.

Bespoke Post Box: Weekender and Promo CodeThe bottom of the bag has these little metal feet to keep the bag slightly elevated. Perfect for keeping it structured too.

Bespoke Post Box: Weekender and Promo CodeIn addition to the weekender travel bag, the box also came with a couple of travel goodies.

Bespoke Post Box: Weekender and Promo CodeSahale Snacks | $0.97 each 
Yum! The Cherries, Apples, and Maple Almond blend is amazing. It’s a good thing they carry this brand at my local grocery store, so I can stock up on more. I’m also interested in trying their other blends, they all look delicious.

Bespoke Post Box: Weekender and Promo Code

Freshends Towelette 3 Pack | $2.50
Yes, I can definitely see why this would be useful to have for traveling. The individual packaging is helpful, and it’s easy to tuck a couple of these in a purse discreetly.

Carmex Original Lip Balm | $1.39
A staple in this household! Always good to have another one on hand. I had never actually tried the stick version (we only have the tubs at home), and the stick is so much more convenient! I don’t know why I didn’t get one sooner.

Byrd Hair Pomade | $3.50
I had no idea what pomade was when I got this, but I think it’s kind of like a cross between hair gel and wax. Too bad it won’t get any use with me or my boyfriend. For anyone who does use this stuff, the deluxe sample is a generous size. You’ll definitely get several uses out of it.

Brode Hydration Vitamin Pack of 2 | $4.00
I think this was such an ingenious idea! It’s a vitamin that you take while drinking to help prevent hangovers, because it’s full of electrolytes that your body needs. It’s also good for jetlag and exercise, basically whenever you’re dehydrated. If only it weren’t so expensive…

Bespoke Post Box: Weekender and Promo CodeSince Bespoke gets a lot of custom items made just for their box, it’s hard to put a value on it. In this case, I have no idea what the weekender bag is actually supposed to cost. All I know is that it’s a very high quality bag and I would have paid more than the $45 box cost for it. Plus the bonus bag of goodies is worth $13.33! With the 30% off coupon, this box would only be $31.50, and that is a total steal. I was able to stuff 3 days worth of clothing and other miscellaneous items into my weekender bag, and bring it as my carry-on piece to Chicago. The bag held up wonderfully, was easy and comfortable to carry, and I felt pretty darn stylish. I even got complimented by the TSA agent!


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