GlossyBox May 2014 Review

The highly anticipated May GlossyBox finally made it here. It’s a collaboration with Bergdorf Goodman, and each box contains a $25 gift card! The only issue is, the gift card expires on June 15th, so they’re definitely cutting it pretty close for some of the shipments. I would be more than a little frustrated if I got my box too late and the gift card expired.

GlossyBox is $21/month, and each box contains five or six luxury beauty products. They usually have a good amount of full-sized products as well as the usual deluxe-sized samples. GlossyBox is one of my favorite subscriptions to give as gifts, since they have awesome packaging and substantially large products. This particular box has only samples, but since the products are so high-end it still makes for a great value.

Glossybox May Bergdorf Goodman Review

Glossybox May Bergdorf Goodman ReviewThe gift card doesn’t come as a physical card, but it works just like an actual gift card and is stackable. Since I got two boxes, I’m looking forward to getting $50 off something luxurious! And for those who aren’t aware, these gift cards can be used at Neiman Marcus as well. Neiman Marcus is doing a beauty event right now, where you get a tote + samples with any $100+ beauty order, so you might want to check it out!

Glossybox May Bergdorf Goodman ReviewKevyn Aucoin The Essential Mascara | $10.00
I love Kevyn Aucoin products, and I’m starting to run low on my favorite mascara (Laura Mercier Full Blown Volume), so this was a very welcome product in my box. I’ve only used it once so far and it didn’t smudge even in the humid Houston weather! With mascara I usually try to get a solid week of usage in before I commit to a full size, since I’ve had allergic reactions to several brands before. Fingers crossed for this one to pass the test!

Glossybox May Bergdorf Goodman ReviewLancer Lift Serum Intense | $55.00
This deluxe sample is 0.17 oz, but the full size one is only 0.85 oz and costs $275. Wow. I kind of hope I don’t fall in love with this serum, because I definitely can’t afford it! Even though it’s too pricey for my budget, judging by the reviews I’m seeing online, a lot of people think it’s worth every penny. I’m happy to see such a high end product featured in the box; it’s going to be fun to try!

Glossybox May Bergdorf Goodman ReviewNapoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Pre-Foundation Skin Primer | $13.25
One of my friends swears by this stuff, so I’ve already tried it before. I think it feels pretty similar to the Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer, and it has a light fragrance. Personally I don’t like makeup with any kind of added scent, so I’ll pass this sample along to my friend. She’s going to be thrilled!

Glossybox May Bergdorf Goodman Review

Alterna Caviar 10-in-1 Complete Correction CC Cream | $8.50
So happy to see an Alterna product! I tried using some after my shower this morning and my hair was soft and silky all day. It also offers some UV protection, which my hair desperately needs right now. And I love Alterna because their products are free of parabens, phthalates, and sulfates. I might order a full size of this using my gift card!

Glossybox May Bergdorf Goodman ReviewRevive Intensite Volumizing Eye Serum | $70.00
Another serum! I got to try ReVive before thanks to the Nina Garcia box, and while I really do like their serums, they’re completely out of my price range. The sample included in the Glossybox is 0.1 oz, and the full size is 0.5 oz for $350.

Glossybox May Bergdorf Goodman ReviewAtelier Cologne in Rose Anonyme | $20.00
Yay for mini perfumes! They’re just so cute; I can’t help but feel happy to see it in my box. Even when I don’t like the scent, the packaging always gets me. Luckily this time I think the scent is pretty fabulous! But I’ve always been a sucker for anything rose scented. This is my first time sampling Atelier Cologne before, and I’m impressed with the staying power. Just a tiny dab of the perfume lasted all day.

Glossybox May Bergdorf Goodman Review

Overall my box was a definite win. And not even counting the gift card into the mix, I received $176.75 worth of products. With the $25 gift card, I got over $200 worth of items for only $21! It’s times like this that I remember why I keep coming back to Glossybox. Yes, they have shipping problems. And I always seem to be among the last people to get my box. But you really can’t top that value! What did you guys think? Can’t wait to see what everyone gets with their gift cards!


2 thoughts on “GlossyBox May 2014 Review

  1. DANG! I really wished I ordered just for this month! I’m not in love with everything, but like you said that gift card definitely makes it worth while! Lucky duck 🙂

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