Julep Maven Memorial Day Mystery Game Box #4 Review

For Memorial Day this year, Julep featured 10 different mystery boxes, varying in price and theme. It was really hard to choose just one option! I wanted to try them all, but I was on a low-buy at the time. I ended up picking the #4 option, which was $25.00 and had a theme of “a healthy hi-five”.

Julep Memorial Day Mystery Box ReviewLove the packaging on this mystery box!

Julep Memorial Day Mystery Box ReviewBarbara (Full-coverage magenta glitter) | $14.00
I pretty much love all glitters, so I’m a fan of this color! I didn’t have a magenta glitter, so this was a very welcome surprise.

Tania (Multi-dimensional mermaid teal glitter) | $14.00
It’s always good to see some of their newer colors in mystery boxes, and I think Tania was part of the March 2014 collection. I also didn’t have a teal glitter in my huge polish collection (how was that possible??) so I really lucked out with these two colors.

Julep Memorial Day Mystery Box ReviewAva (Ballet slipper pink frost) | $14.00
Super gorgeous sheer color. Can’t wait to layer it over some of my brighter shades to tone it down. It would also be a great base for chunky glitters!

Lois (Dusty rose frost) | $14.00
It seems like Lois is a popular color for mystery boxes, since this is the third time I’ve gotten one. On the bright side, it’s beautiful and exactly my style: shimmery and pink! But I still have so much left from my current bottle. Maybe it’ll be worth it to keep as a backup, or I may just gift it.

Fiore (Espresso brown creme) | $14.00
I’ve gotten Fiore before, so now I have a duplicate. But considering my large Julep collection (easily 60+ and growing!), two duplicates in a mystery box isn’t too shabby.

Julep Memorial Day Mystery Box ReviewVanish Cuticle Softener and Remover | $18.00
My cuticles needed this! I have this awful habit of picking at my cuticles when I’m really stressed out, and as a result I often have raggedy sad-looking cuticles. Luckily this stuff is able to soften the edges and make them look healthy again! I pretty much picked this mystery box just for this product alone.

Julep Memorial Day Mystery Box ReviewCuticle Pusher | $14.00
I like that it’s double ended, which makes it easy to switch from hand to hand. It’s a simple cuticle pusher that is very well made. What more needs to be said?

Julep Memorial Day Mystery Box ReviewAnd because I used the promo code OILPERK, I got a free Bare Face Cleansing Oil, a $28.00 value. I love it when Julep runs gift with purchase codes, since they’re always a really great deal and the products they feature tend to be popular ones! I know a lot of people love this cleaning oil, so I’m excited to get on board.

Julep Memorial Day Mystery Box Review

I paid $25.00 for a box worth $102.00, and that’s not including the gift with purchase code. With the free cleaning oil included, my order is valued at $130.00! I’m so happy with this box! I will be using almost all the products, and the Fiore dupe can easily be traded or given to a friend. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for Julep for July, and what mystery boxes they’ll roll out next. I just can’t resist mystery boxes of any kind!

For anyone interested in signing up for Julep Maven (I highly recommend it!) you can use code FREEBOX to get your first month free. You get free shipping and a discount on their full priced nail polish plus other items! And now when you sign up, the boxes are fully customizable, which means you can pick what colors you receive (instead of the old system, where you have to choose a style profile).


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