The Honest Company Review plus Promo Code

You know you’re getting old when your favorite cleaning supplies make you happy. My Essentials Bundle from The Honest Company got here a few weeks ago and I was a little more excited than I should have been…

The Honest Company delivers family necessities directly to your door, and you can choose between three different plans: Diapers & Wipes Bundle (exactly as it sounds, it’s diapers and baby wipes), Essentials Bundle (cleaning supplies and body products), and a Health & Wellness Bundle (vitamins). All their products are eco-friendly without harsh chemicals, and almost their entire collection are vegan! I subscribe to the Essentials Bundle, which costs $35.95 per box. It comes out to $7.19 per item! It’s completely customizable (you log in and select the products you want in your bundle), and you can choose when you want the box delivered. With each box, you can also order 3 additional items with a 25% discount. Overall, I find it to be a really good deal. If you’re interested in getting started, use promo code INVITED10 for $10 off your first bundle.

The Honest Company Review plus Promo CodeCan’t beat their packaging! The design nerd in me is always so pleased with their packaging and overall brand.

The Honest Company Review plus Promo CodeIn these reviews I usually just sort of describe whether or not I like the product, but that’s not always as helpful as I would like it to be. I thought this time I would compare it to a product I was using before I made the switch to Honest. Hopefully it will be a bit more informative and give a clearer idea of how Honest Co. products perform compared to the major brands!

The Honest Company Review plus Promo CodeHonest Laundry Detergent | $12.95
Before I got hooked on Honest, I was using Tide Free and Gentle, which is approximately $12.65 for the same amount. But keep in mind that $12.95 is the individual price for the Honest detergent, and I actually paid only $7.19 because I used it in a bundle. As for the cleaning power, I found them to be equal. Both are fragrance-free and dye-free, which I LOVE. The Honest Co. one has the added bonus of being better for the environment, so I think I’ll be sticking with it!

The Honest Company Review plus Promo Code

Honest 4-in-1 Laundry Pods | $15.95
I got hooked on laundry pods while in college because they’re so convenient. And now that I don’t have to carry my laundry anywhere, there’s really no point for me to have pods…except they’re perfect for my boyfriend! He likes them because it’s easier than having to measure liquid detergent, and I like them because he doesn’t have a chance to make a mess (how does he even manage to drip detergent all over the washer and floor??). While in college I was always searching for the perfect fragrance-free pod, and I mostly used Seventh Generation Natural Packs ($14.99 for the same amount). I’m satisfied with both brands and they’re both good options for the environment. With the bundle, I get the Honest ones for only $7.19; that’s less than half what I was paying before! Wish I had gotten Honest while in college. Parents: consider gifting your college student an Essentials bundle! I’m telling you, it’ll be such a useful gift.

The Honest Company Review plus Promo Code

Honest Oxy Boost | $7.95
My first time getting this product from Honest, and I’m very pleased with it. I actually use it mostly for non-laundry purposes, like cleaning the tiles in the shower and spot-cleaning stains on the carpet. I have never tried a similar product, so unfortunately can’t really compare it to anything. But for anyone interested in trying this oxy boost in the bathroom, it works wonders on grout! Just tear open the pack and sprinkle the powder onto the grout/whatever you’re trying to clean. I usually spray water on it to keep it damp, and let it sit for 30 minutes. It gets grout really bright white, and I’ve even used it on a pair of muddy old wedges!

The Honest Company Review plus Promo CodeHonest Dishwasher Pods | $10.95
Originally I was using Cascade ActionPacs, which are $5.99 for the same amount. These Honest pods have done well even with the greasiest dishes, and it’s much better for the environment and also for me and my boyfriend! Since there are no harsh chemicals, I don’t have to worry about residue. I’m more than happy to pay a little extra for peace of mind and also to support socially responsible products!

The Honest Company Review plus Promo CodeHonest Dish Soap in White Grapefruit | $5.95
This is my third time purchasing this product, since I love it so much. Compared to what I was using before, Dawn Dishwashing Liquid, it’s a lot more expensive. Dawn is only $1.76 for 16 oz, while Honest is $5.95. That’s a huge difference! But I still prefer the Honest one, because it doesn’t leave any residue and doesn’t leave any kind of scent. When I use Dawn, it takes a really long time for it to rinse out and I always felt like my dishes were slightly perfumed afterwards. My hands were also getting really dried out with the Dawn soap, because I don’t wear gloves when I do the dishes (I’ve tried! I just can’t do it! I feel so clumsy.) The Honest dish soap is very lightly fragranced, is easy on my hands, and washes out quickly and thoroughly. I also use it to make soapy water for washing the floor!

The Honest Company Review plus Promo CodeHonest Mouthwash | $9.95
This was my first time trying their mouthwash, which was released back in February. I like the taste of the sweet mint flavor a lot, and it doesn’t have alcohol so there’s no burn. It’s a mouthwash designed to freshen breath, not to actually kill germs. We usually use Tom’s of Maine Mouthwash in our household, and at $3.99 it’s a much more affordable option that is also natural and fluoride-free. Unfortunately in this case I’m sticking with my old brand. Sorry, Honest!

The Honest Company Review plus Promo CodeHonest Wipes | $4.95
Love these wipes! I always buy this as an “add-on” item for 25% off with my bundle, which brings the price down to $3.72. I always keep a pack in my car, and they’re so versatile I can’t imagine being with it. I use them to wipe muddy dog paws, to clean up spills, when I’ve accidentally touched something sticky in the grocery store (does this happen to other people too?), and so much more. Before I switched to Honest I was using Wet Ones, which are $4.12. Honest is the clear winner in this situation, since their wipes are thicker, biodegradable, unscented, free of harsh chemicals, and are a tiny bit cheaper when used as an “add-on”. Can’t recommend it enough!

The Honest Company Review plus Promo CodeSo there you have it: my honest review of my most recent Essentials Bundle. For $35.95 I got $63.70 worth of products, and I also got 25% off my package of wipes. I loved everything, even the mouthwash, although that’s the only product that I would not buy again. They’re doing a promotion through June 30th for a free water bottle with $35 purchase or bundle, just use promo code #HonestDad! Or if you’re a new member you can get $10 off your first bundle with INVITED10. What should I try in my next bundle? I’ve already added their new sunscreen spray and the new sunscreen stick that was just announced today! I’m dying for them to release a makeup remover!

As always, all views in this post are the opinion of the author. I am not affiliated with The Honest Company, though this post does contain referral links. You don’t have to use them, but I sure would appreciate it if you did 🙂


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