Woohoo! Julep Maven’s New Email Cancellation Policy

Finally! Julep is testing out a new way to cancel: via email! It’s about time. One of my only complaints about Julep has been the difficulty it can be to cancel your subscription. You had to call and sometimes the hold times were pretty long (once I was on the phone for almost 30 minutes before I got a customer service rep!). I’m so glad to see they’re accepting cancellations through email now! 

Just send an email with your name, email address, and a short reason for why you’re canceling to cancel@julep.com, and they’ll send you a confirmation email within 24 hours. I really hope they keep the email cancel process going; I think it’s going to make customers really happy!

Julep's New Email Cancellation Policy

For anyone interested in signing up for Julep Maven (I recommend it even more now!) you can use code FREEBOX to get your first month free. Or use codeSHIPSHAPE to get a free 5-piece nautical welcome box!


8 thoughts on “Woohoo! Julep Maven’s New Email Cancellation Policy

  1. I want to cancel I received a box this month that I did not requested and was pay from credit. Card I donot wish to receive no more boxes .

  2. Uh oh! On their website it doesn’t say you can email still. Would you recommend emailing them to the email you listed? Or calling?

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