One Year of Birchbox +$25 Credit for only $74.25!

Wait what?? I woke up this morning to an email from Gilt City about an awesome deal from Birchbox! Get a 1 year subscription plus $25 credit in the store for only $99. But if you’re a first time purchaser on Gilt City like I was, you get 25% off, making it only $74.25! But you do have to use a referral link, so if you’re interested, feel free (and pretty please!) use my link 🙂

Oh and if you hate referral links but still want a discount, use WELCOME20 to get 20% off your first order.

I subscribed to Birchbox a year ago and stopped because I was completely overwhelmed with samples. But with such an amazing deal I just couldn’t say no. If you count the credit as part of the value, it’s like paying $49.25 for a year of Birchbox. And considering each box contains at least 5 samples, and each sample gives you 10 points when you review it (worth $5 in the store), you’re looking at $60 worth of store credit for a whole year!



8 thoughts on “One Year of Birchbox +$25 Credit for only $74.25!

      • That’s exactly what I’m debating with. Plus, I feel like every time I get a subscription service that has looked great up until the time I purchased it, it goes to pot when I get it in my hands…

  1. Hi How does the referral 25% off work because nothing is showing up for me after I used your link and I’m a new customer to gilt.

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