Sephora Haul + VIB Rouge Shopping Event

This past Sunday I went to the VIB Rouge event at my nearest Sephora, which was definitely a first for me. I shop almost exclusively online when it comes to makeup, and I hate the parking situation at my nearest Sephora store. It’s pretty much all street parking, and guess who sucks at parallel?

But since they were opening the store 3 hours early on a Sunday, I figured there wouldn’t be too much of a crowd to fight over parking spots with. Plus they were offering a bag of samples with a $25 purchase, and I can’t ever say no to more sample. AND it was the first day of 4x points for VIB Rouge, so I had a big list of goodies to buy.

Getting up before 9AM on Sunday is already brutal (all my admiration to church-going folks. seriously.), so as I was driving there I was thinking “this better be worth it”. I’m pleased to say that it was. I think I definitely could have shown up an hour or two later and the experience would have been almost the same, but there were a few perks to getting there right as they opened the doors. This is the bag they gave to all Rouge shoppers. Nothing special, but a nice gesture.

A Sephora VIB Rouge Shopping Event

They had a big platter of breakfast pastries, Starbucks coffee, orange juice, tea, and fruit. They also had name tags printed, which I thought was cute. It was a little weird to constantly be addressed by my name by all the employees (the first few times it happened I was frantically thinking if I had met them somewhere, before I remembered I was wearing a nametag), but it did feel very friendly and I appreciate their effort.

The best part about the event was how generous the employees were with samples. I asked for a sample of the GlamGlow SuperMud Clearing Treatment, and she filled up 3 little containers of it! She said she wanted to give me enough for at least 5 applications. And later when I was looking at the Perricone MD moisturizers, the same employee came over and handed me a sample of Photo Plasma because it’s her favorite and she thought I would like it.

A Sephora VIB Rouge Shopping Event

There were two brand reps at my store. One was from Laura Mercier, and she was handing out deluxe samples of the Foundation Primer SPF 30 and Matte Radiance Baked Powder. The benefit of arriving right as the doors opened was getting more time to talk to the reps and also getting more samples from them. As I was leaving, I noticed she had run out of these samples and was giving out foil ones instead.

A Sephora VIB Rouge Shopping Event

The other brand rep was from Yves Saint Laurent, and she had these cute little bags of samples that she wrapped up the night before. She was also the sweetest person ever, answering all my (kind of stupid) questions and being amazingly cheerful. Just like the Laura Mercier rep, she ran out of these bags pretty quickly.

A Sephora VIB Rouge Shopping Event

Although the bag didn’t contain any deluxe samples, YSL makes such great lip samples that I don’t even mind. They’re about as generous with the product as deluxe samples, and I’ve been dying to try the gloss.

A Sephora VIB Rouge Shopping Event

And here’s what was inside the sample bag with $25+ purchase. I’m very satisfied with it, since there are several products that I wanted to try. I recognize some of these items from previous 100 point perks from Sephora, so I’m glad I didn’t use my points on them back when I had a chance.

A Sephora VIB Rouge Shopping Event

And now my actual haul!

A Sephora VIB Rouge Shopping Event

I mostly stocked up on my necessities, so I won’t go into detail about each product that I purchased. But I did want to mention something weird about the pricing of the GlamGlow YouthMud Tinglexfoliate Treatment that I never noticed before.

I went to the store with the intention to buy the full size 1.7 oz of the GlamGlow mask. However, the employees were kind enough to point out the pricing inconsistency. A 0.5 oz travel size jar is $19.00, but the 1.7 oz is $69.00. It’s actually cheaper to just buy a bunch of the travel size jars, since it comes out to $38/ounce compared to $40.59/ounce for the full size version. And you have the added benefit of the mud not drying out, since you use it up faster. So for all you ladies out there who love this mask as much as I do: buy the travel sized jars! They’re usually in the bins at the checkout area.

Overall I thought it was a fun event. I’m super impressed with all the employees who were there! They were all very knowledgeable and very helpful. And of course, the samples!

So if you’re on the fence about a Rouge event, I recommend you try it (at least once)! I have heard some people being super disappointed, but I think Sephora has been making more of an effort to cater to their VIB and VIB Rouge customers. Did anyone else end up going on Sunday? I know each store does their events a little different, so I’d love to hear your experiences!


6 thoughts on “Sephora Haul + VIB Rouge Shopping Event

  1. You definitely got nicer samples than those in my bag. Plus, I noticed there were a few brand reps at mine too, but no fun extra samples in sight. That LM baked highlighter is a WINNER of a deluxe sample. I got one of those 500 point perks in order to get my hands on one!

    Their events are definitely getting better, but I would much rather go for 15-20% off rather than extra points. That doesn’t incentivize me nearly as much as money off does:) Ya feel? You got some seriously amazing stuff there!

    • I’m so excited to try the LM highlighter! And I totally feel you on the money off vs. points incentive. I have so many points saved up but I don’t redeem very often. Did you see all the 1000-10000 point perks that went up a few days ago? The good ones sold out in minutes, I didn’t even get a chance to spend any of mine!

      • OMG I did! That Chloe one for 5000 was amazing! I decided I’m never spending my points so I can get one of those crazy prizes! Why didn’t they do this before?! AMAZE.

  2. I just went to the fall event, the first one I’ve been able to make. It was a total dud & after hitting rouge status a few months ago, I’m souring on the program. So, tonight they had cookies & mini cupcakes from Costco. They did have some nice chocolate bon bons & sparkling juice. Otherwise, it was like any other night except for the one rep (Too Faced). No samples, nothing but the 20 percent off, a cheap tote bag, and a strand of beads on a string. I guess I was hoping for a little something more. Mostly though, I haven’t been treated any different in stores for being Rouge. No extra samples have been offered to me ever. I get online offers, but they’re always gone by the time I place my order. I would really like to see them offer something for people who shop in the stores.

    • Oh no!! I went to the event last night as well and felt pretty disappointed. It was SO crowded at my Sephora and it was hard to navigate and find the things I needed. We also had way too many brand reps (I never thought I’d say those words) that took up a lot of space in the aisles, so that made it even harder to move around. I rarely get treated any differently for being Rouge either, and I’m finding less and less reason to shop in store with them. They never have the good promo codes, like the little sample bags that are online right now.

      • Sorry your experience wasn’t very good either. I don’t know why they could only get one brand rep into the store, but I’m not a big Too Faced fan anyway. Which is good, because she only helped one person the entire time I was there (maybe 45 mins). . not her fault, I’m guessing the person just had a lot of questions. It is nice to be able to walk around and test the products without being bothered, so that’s probably the biggest advantage to shopping at Sephora (for me, anyway). I always feel a lot of pressure at beauty counters. I think it’s probably better to shop at Sephora online when they have the free deluxe samples, bags, etc. (which they never have in the store!). I guess it seems odd that Sephora would rather ship for free than have perks in the store.

        So far, it seems like Birchbox has the best rewards program of anywhere else. Thanks for sharing your experience! Hopefully they’ll step it up next time. 🙂

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