Julep Maven for only $10/month!

So I just tried the MAGIC50 50% off promo code on a 3 month prepaid Julep Maven subscription and it worked! That comes out to about $10/month, which is a fantastic deal! I’ve actually never seen such a good deal from Julep before, so I snagged two of them. This is the customizable box too, so with two subscriptions I can change my box to make sure I don’t get any overlap. Pretty sweet!

Julep Maven May 2014 Review Plie Wand


12 thoughts on “Julep Maven for only $10/month!

    • Yes, I think you do. I wasn’t able to get a 2nd one on my existing account. But on the bright side you can use your own referral link to get your second account, and you’ll get a $15 credit from Julep!

  1. Nevermind. I thought you said you used both codes! Haha! Do you get the Summer Brights box.. and then three other boxes? Or does the Summer Brights count as your first box out of the three?

    • You’re right, at first I thought I could use both codes, but then I realized I couldn’t and took that part out!

      I THINK the Summer Brights box is still free and doesn’t count towards your 3 boxes, but don’t quote me on that. It did say “This 5-piece Summer Brights box is FREE when you sign up for three months of Maven” on the site, so I’m hoping it still applies? If you’re unsure, the safest bet is to call Julep customer service and ask them. But I’m just too lazy for that. I’ll take my chances!

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