Julep Maven August 2014 Review Plus Promo Code

Julep has been having a real tough month, judging by the comments on their Facebook page and a couple blog posts that have gone up within the week. It seems that they ran out of a couple polish colors (what???) and sent out random substitutions instead. They also gave out vouchers to those affected for a free nail polish color of their choice. Obviously, a lot of people are upset. One girl got a Boho Glam box that was supposed to contain the colors India and Waleska, but got two Queen Anne’s instead. I would be absolutely furious. How do you even run out of stock for a subscription service like this? And why would anyone want random color substitutions for a box that they customized? 

Given all these scarily negative comments, I was very apprehensive about my Polish Lover’s Upgrade. It seems that I was one of the lucky ones, since I got the whole collection without any problems. I’m so sorry to those who did not get what they ordered, and I really hope Julep makes it right. From my point of view, they only have one option: to make more of the out of stock colors and express ship them out to everyone affected. Fingers crossed they’ll do the right thing for you ladies! 

Julep Maven August 2014 Review Plus Promo Code(s)

Now onto my actual review. I absolutely loved the colors this month, so I opted to get the entire collection. I was really digging the Indian theme they had going on, so I was pleasantly surprised to see they used this gorgeous patterned tissue paper for the packaging! I love little details like this, and I’m so impressed with the overall curation for August.

Julep Maven August 2014 Review Plus Promo Code(s)

Even the color of the crinkle paper matches! 

Julep Maven August 2014 Review Plus Promo Code(s)

Can’t get over how pretty this whole collection is! I’m so glad I decided to do the upgrade, since it’s a really stunning lineup. Each color is unique and unlike anything in my current collection. 

Julep Maven August 2014 Review Plus Promo Code(s)

Katie (Orchid iridescent chrome) | $14.00
Neha (Sari magenta shimmer) | $14.00
Joyce (Lava red shimmer) | $14.00

Neha is the prettiest shade of magenta ever. I think it’s going to replace Evie as my go-to bold color. I can’t stress enough how much I enjoy all the fun finishes from this month. Don’t get me wrong, I love cremes, but I have so many from Julep that it’s nice to see chromes and more shimmers for a change. I also think they do a better job with the formula on shimmers, whereas the creme formula can be hit or miss. 

Julep Maven August 2014 Review Plus Promo Code(s)

Kirti (Persimmon iridescent shimmer) | $14.00
Tazeen (Full-coverage Bollywood gold glitter) | $14.00
Tammi (Lemongrass green shimmer) | $14.00

I thought Kirti and Tammi would be my least favorite colors, but I actually really like them now that I can see the colors in person. Tammi is much more green than I expected, because in the Julep swatches it looks more on the yellow side. I don’t have any colors that are even close to it, so I’m very happy to try it out. Tazeen is lovely and actually a full-coverage gold. I tried it on one nail just to test and after two coats it was completely opaque. I might swatch it for real and post later because I’m so impressed! 

Julep Maven August 2014 Review Plus Promo Code(s)

Waleska (Eucalyptus green chrome with gold iridescence) | $14.00
India (Freshwater blue shimmer) | $14.00
Avni (African violet shimmer) | $14.00

So India and Waleska are the two colors they ran out of, and I’m so glad I was able to get them in my box. Julep really knocked it out of the ballpark with these two. Waleska is probably my favorite color from the entire collection, and this is coming from a girl who almost never wears green polish on her nails! It’s so darn pretty!! And India is a total stunner as well. If it comes back in stock, I highly recommend buying it because the pictures and swatches don’t do it justice. 

Julep Maven August 2014 Review Plus Promo Code(s)

Queen Anne (Lilac confetti microglitter) | $14.00
This was included as a bonus gift, which I really appreciate. I was so bummed that it wasn’t an option as an add-on for the box, and I ended up buying it from the Secret Store because I wanted this color so badly. 

Julep Maven August 2014 Review Plus Promo Code(s)

The bonus item for this month was this little screen cleaner for your touchscreen phone. It’s different from the candy that they usually send out, and I welcome the change. I thought this was really cute and clever and I actually have it on my phone right now. 

Julep Maven August 2014 Review Plus Promo Code(s)

Oh my god, look at this ridiculously pretty rainbow of colors. I can’t get over it. 

Julep Maven August 2014 Review Plus Promo Code(s)

Overall, this was a phenomenal month for me. I think all the colors are great, and the bonus polish and screen cleaner were fun surprises. I paid $45 and got $140 worth of nail polish, and even found some new favorite colors! If next month is this good, I’ll probably get the full upgrade again. From my point of view, I am a very satisfied customer.

On the other hand, it seems that Julep really screwed up a lot of orders this month and people are understandably angry. I’m curious to see how Julep will handle this. I will be severely unimpressed if they don’t address the polish substitution properly. I hate the fact that people are missing out on (in my opinion) the two best colors in the collection just because of Julep’s poor planning. If you paid for Waleska and India, you absolutely should get those colors! Don’t accept anything less! 

Oh and my box came with a promo code for subscribers. If you’re currently a Maven, you can use the code COLORFORYOU to get any full sized bottle of nail polish ($14.00 value) for free with your $15+ purchase until September 30th, 2014. Just add the color of your choice to your cart before applying the code, and it should turn the value into $0.00. The code can be used twice for each customer, so if you have a big order definitely break it up into two smaller orders to get 2 free colors! 


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