POPSUGAR Must Have August 2014 Review plus $10 Off Coupon

Yay I finally got my August POPSUGAR Must Have box in my hands! After all the spoilers came out, I’ve been compulsively checking my tracking number every day to see if the estimated delivery date had been pushed up. I still can’t get over the fact that it takes FedEx 8 business days to deliver something from California to Texas. Why?? But the wait was so worth it, I absolutely love this box.

POPSUGAR Must Have is a subscription service that sends a variety of items for women that are curated by the POPSUGAR editors. Items typically include food, beauty, home, among other miscellaneous things. Each month is $39.99/month, but you can use the code MustHaveYT to get $10 off your first month! If you order right now, you will receive September’s box.

POPSUGAR Must Have August 2014 Review

I really like their new information cards. I think this is the 3rd month they’ve used this format, and I enjoy reading the inspiration for the box.

POPSUGAR Must Have August 2014 Review

The Mason Jar Cookie Company SoftJar Pouch Mix | $12.99
Wow this is a big bag of cookie mix. It doesn’t seem that large in pictures, but this mix is heavy and it yields 24 cookies. I’ll bake them the next time we have guests over, since I really shouldn’t be eating 24 cookies by myself (as much as I may want to).

POPSUGAR Must Have August 2014 Review

Bite Beauty Lush Fruit Lip Gloss | $22.00
I’m so excited to see a Bite product! They make totally amazing lipsticks, and I have been wanting to try their other lip items for the longest time. I tend to keep my lip colors on the neutral side, so when I first saw that this was a vivid pink, I was really intimidated. But although this pink gloss seems super bright, it actually goes on quite sheer and layers really well with my existing neutral lipsticks. Not nearly as scary as it looks! It’s a POPSUGAR exclusive color, which I totally love.

POPSUGAR Must Have August 2014 Review

PaddyWax Ocean Tide + Sea Salt Mini Jar Candle | $10.00
I need more candles like I need a hole in my head, but I can’t resist PaddyWax! They make super cute soy candles that burn well and are very fragrant. I always find uses for their containers when I’m done with the candle. I actually just picked up a bunch of PaddyWax and Voluspa candles during Nordstrom’s sale, but hey you can’t have too much of a good thing, right?

POPSUGAR Must Have August 2014 Review

Goodbyn Small Meal Bento Box | $6.50
Please excuse the awful picture! I didn’t want to take the box out of the plastic wrap because I’m giving this to my neighbor’s daughter for back-to-school. I already have a few bento containers and she loves anything purple, so I think she’ll love it! Since it’s the “small meal” box, I think it would be a good size for a child. I’m a notorious over-eater during lunchtime, so I’d probably be hungry if I tried to pack my lunch in this.

POPSUGAR Must Have August 2014 Review

Lollia At Last No. 17 Perfumed Shower Gel | $22.00
Can’t get over this gorgeous packaging! Why is everything Margot Elena makes so beautiful? She’s also responsible for TokyoMilk (love!), Library of Flowers (also love!), Love and Toast (love love love!), and more. As for the shower gel itself, it’s very heavily scented. So I think it’s hit or miss: if you happen to really like the fragrance, this is awesome! If you don’t like the fragrance, it’ll probably give you a headache. I think it’s great but my boyfriend doesn’t, so I will end up passing it along to a friend. Or you know, using it in secret when he’s away on business trips…

POPSUGAR Must Have August 2014 Review

ThinkThin High Protein Bar in Brownie Crunch | $1.99
Not my favorite protein bar, but you can’t argue with zero grams of sugar. It’s also gluten free, which doesn’t matter to me but I know a lot of people are watching out for that.

POPSUGAR Must Have August 2014 Review

Kendra Scott Elle Gold Earrings in Slate | $52.00
I love these so much! I’ve been eyeing Kendra Scott jewelry at Nordstrom for such a long time, but this is my first piece from her. The quality is great and I’m loving how versatile these earrings are. The translucent slate stone goes with pretty much everything and can be dressed up or down. I don’t usually wear big earrings, but these are really perfect! I felt a little bad for people who may not have pierced ears, but it turns out POPSUGAR sent out a variation with a Kendra Scott necklace instead of the earrings for those without pierced ears. I’m impressed!

POPSUGAR Must Have August 2014 Review

So I think POPSUGAR really hit this one out of the ballpark. This is the third? fourth? month in a row that I’ve been very very pleased with my boxes. They’re on a roll! I’m calculating a value of $127.48 for this one, which is great! I can always expect $100+ worth of things from POPSUGAR. I’m so happy with this box and can’t wait to see what September has in store! Again, folks, if you’re interested in the September box I would order it now with the promo code MustHaveYT for $10 off. They seem to be slowing down with the coupons, and you don’t want to be stuck paying full price! Or at least, I don’t.


2 thoughts on “POPSUGAR Must Have August 2014 Review plus $10 Off Coupon

  1. I loved everything except for the Lip Gloss & Earrings. I had to give those to my husband’s co-worker. The lip gloss wasn’t a color I wear and the earrings were heavy for my ears.

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