My Subscription Addiction Quarterly Co. #MSA01 Box Review

It’s been so long since I’ve posted on my blog! These past two weeks have been sort of a ‘perfect storm’ of sadness. Work suddenly got really really busy for seemingly no reason, and I got the flu for the third time this year. Seriously, how does that even happen? So I’ve been taking Tylenol like it’s nobody’s business, probably single-handedly keeping my local Walgreens in business. But the single ray of sunshine this week: my Quarterly Co. box from My Subscription Addiction got here and it’s completely wonderful!

My Subscription Addiction Quarterly Co. #MSA01 Box Review

Reading this letter was super fun. I’ve been a regular My Subscription Addiction reader for a long time now, and it was so heartwarming to see how far Liz has come.

My Subscription Addiction Quarterly Co. #MSA01 Box Review

Fig + Yarrow Cardamom + Coffee Body Scrub | $22.00
This smells so amazing! I had to use it immediately, and I’m already positive I’ll be buying more. It has a pretty fine grain for a body scrub so it’s really gentle, and I like that it’s all natural. I’ve used it a few days in a row now and the coffee smell really wakes me up in the morning (though I still do need several cups of the real thing). Only downside: it’s kind of pricey for a body scrub, especially since I go through it pretty quickly.

My Subscription Addiction Quarterly Co. #MSA01 Box Review

Juice Beauty Reflecting Lip Gloss in Fig | $15.00
Usually I don’t really like Juice Beauty and I have too much lip gloss, so I was initially a bit disappointed in this item. But I gave it a try and it’s actually a really nice lip gloss. It’s not sticky (just like Liz said!) and very sheer, but gives lots of shine and keeps your lips hydrated.

My Subscription Addiction Quarterly Co. #MSA01 Box ReviewRaw Naturals Chai Latte Candle | $24.00
Um, can everything in my life be chai latte scented? Seriously one of my favorite candle scents ever. I’m torn between wanting to burn it for 24 hours straight (24 hours of heaven!) and wanting to conserve the candle by burning it in tiny increments.

My Subscription Addiction Quarterly Co. #MSA01 Box ReviewI’m digging the wooden wick! I so rarely get to use wood wick candles. Even though I really can’t tell much of a difference with how it burns, it’s just kind of cool to look at!

My Subscription Addiction Quarterly Co. #MSA01 Box ReviewTatcha Classic Rice Enzyme Powder | $65.00
Love Tatcha’s products so much! I can’t wait to try this rice powder with one of their moisturizers and serums. The box also came with a coupon for a free deluxe sized cleaning oil, which I’m really excited to receive.

My Subscription Addiction Quarterly Co. #MSA01 Box ReviewAnd check this exquisite packaging! I want to be on their design team so badly.

My Subscription Addiction Quarterly Co. #MSA01 Box ReviewSimonetta Herringbone Infinity Knit Scarf | $40.00
Liz listed the wholesale price of this scarf as $25, so I’m guessing it would go for at least $40 in a boutique setting. I didn’t actually open the plastic wrap yet, since I’m super sick/sneezing/gross and didn’t want to potentially get nasty flu germs all over my new scarf. But I can’t wait to take it out and wear it, especially now that it’s finally getting a bit cooler down here in Texas!

My Subscription Addiction Quarterly Co. #MSA01 Box Review

There are 4 color variations for the scarf, and Liz kindly posted these photos showing all the options. Mine is the top left one, the black and white. Totally love!!

msa01-scarf-optionsSo pretty much I think Liz should really get hired by other boxes as a consultant or something. This entire box was totally fabulous. My only very very very tiny complaint is that there was a JustFab coupon included in the box, and I find JustFab to be a super sketchy company. I’ve heard too many horror stories to try them out! But since that wasn’t even part of the value of the box, it’s really not a big deal at all.

I paid $50 for this box and got $166 worth of products that I completely love, so it’s officially one of the best boxes I’ve ever received. I can’t wait to see what Liz has in store for us in November! If you’re a new Quarterly member, you can use the coupon code FIRSTBOX10 to get $10 off, making it an even better deal.


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