Barkbox September 2014 Review plus Promo Codes

I’m finally over this flu! And I have such a backlog of boxes that I didn’t have the energy to open, so hopefully this next week will be full of awesome surprises as I go through them. One box I did rip into as soon as I got it was my first BarkBox, mostly because I needed things to keep Maddie busy with since I couldn’t take her for long walks.

I subscribed to BarkBox mostly because I noticed I was easily spending $40+ a month on toys and chews at pet stores, and it was also a hassle to keep checking for sales each week. I heard really wonderful things about BarkBox and it fit nicely into our budget.

BarkBox is $29/month if you do the month-to-month plan, but it goes down to only $18/month if you sign up for the whole year! We sprung for the whole year since it was such a great deal! You can use my link for 10% off any subscription. And if you use my link, they’ll donate a free box to the Bark-N-Rest Retirement Center! It’s a great cause and I’m pleased that BarkBox gives back to the doggie community!

We get the “Big and Bold” box (for dogs weighing more than 50 lbs) because Maddie is right at the cut-off between medium and large. She’s about 47 lbs but since she’s so active and is so talented at destroying toys (seriously, it’s impressive) it’s always best to size up for her.

Barkbox September 2014 Review

I love that they have a theme for each box, just like boxes for humans! The theme for September was Homecoming/college football.

Barkbox September 2014 ReviewSomehow she totally knew this was for her. She sat like this staring at me during the entire unboxing.

Barkbox September 2014 Review

Fabdog Pom Poms | $10.00
Made exclusively for BarkBox, this toy functions better as a tug toy than a chew toy. I was excited to see tennis balls on the rope, since tennis balls are Maddie’s absolute favorite. Unfortunately, this toy lasted maybe 3 hours total. This dog can seriously shred.

Barkbox September 2014 ReviewBut she loved it while it lasted! Excuse the POPSUGAR boxes in the background 🙂

Barkbox September 2014 ReviewPetProjekt Large Skrubal Football | $14.00
I was so happy to see this in the box! Relatively indestructible yet chewable. As soon as I saw this, I knew it would become one of Maddie’s favorite toys. It also throws like an actual football, so you can get some good distance with it. If she ever does tear it up, I’m definitely going to reorder.

Barkbox September 2014 ReviewEtta Says Duck Chew | $4.00
This treat is made with a mixture of duck and rawhide, and it’s safer than the traditional rawhide chew. It’s all natural with no additives, artificial fillers, or preservatives, and Maddie absolutely loved it.

Barkbox September 2014 ReviewI’m not sure if saying “Maddie loved it” really means a whole lot, since I’ve never seen this dog turn down any type of treat or toy. But she seemed pretty excited about this chew. Just look at that face!

Barkbox September 2014 ReviewThis treat kept her occupied for a surprisingly long amount of time. I was impressed!

Barkbox September 2014 ReviewBarkworthies Sweet Potato Steak Fries | $4.00
I love that this is just 100% sweet potato. There’s nothing added, it’s just dehydrated sweet potato slices. It doesn’t get more wholesome than that! Lots of vitamins and potassium, and she seems to really like eating these (but again, does that really mean anything?).

Barkbox September 2014 ReviewSince they’re dehydrated and tough, it takes her a few minutes to eat. Anything that satisfies this dog’s need to chew is A+ in my book.

Barkbox September 2014 ReviewPetsafe Indigo Smokehouse Strips (Bacon) | $5.00
These are such fancy dog treats! It’s actually vacuum sealed and fresh and needs to be eaten within 3 days of opening, so it really feels like a quality product. I didn’t open it yet since we have so many other treats to go through, but I already know she’s going to go nuts over this one.

Barkbox September 2014 ReviewFinal verdict on the first box: I’m so glad I signed up for a whole year! We got $36.90 worth of products for $18.00, and discovered new brands that I definitely want to order more items from. I feel like as a month-to-month plan, the value isn’t quite there, but once you commit to at least 3 months it’s a good deal. And by the way, BarkBox offers a $9.00 add-on each month if you want an additional “premium” toy in the box. We might get that option next month just because Maddie tears through all her toys so quickly…

And finally, I’m really happy to see that BarkBox only features American made products and treats and all the items are very high quality. I hate going to pet stores and finding toys made overseas that I can’t really trust since they aren’t held to the same standards as the items made here. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed the pictures of Maddie! BarkBox reviews are going to be so much fun to take pictures for, can’t wait for October. How cute would a Halloween box be?!


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