GlossyBox October 2014 Review + Promo Code

Somehow my GlossyBox arrived in my mailbox 2 days ago, way ahead of schedule! I’m really impressed with the changes GlossyBox seems to be making. This is the 2nd month in a row that I’ve gotten my box really early. Hopefully it’s a permanent change and we can expect mid-month arrivals every month from now on.

For those of you who are subscribing for the first time (or if you’re like me and keep canceling), here’s an awesome coupon: use coupon code GBGLAM to get a free travel sized GlamGlow Youthmud Tingexfoliate Treatment, a $19.00 value, with your first GlossyBox!

GlossyBox October 2014 Review and Promo CodeI totally got myself another GlamGlow mask (top left corner) since I love it so much and had cancelled my account last month.

GlossyBox October 2014 Review and Promo CodeSesha Botanical Hydro Mask | $9.00
I’ve had great experiences with Sesha in the past, so I’m excited to try this mask. Lately I have been totally obsessed with finding new sheet masks lately, so this is perfect. The price point is higher than what I’m used to paying, but if it works well I’ll definitely look into repurchasing. I haven’t used this mask yet…saving it for after an extra stressful day!

GlossyBox October 2014 Review and Promo CodeVince Camuto Amore Eau de Parfum | $6.00
Totally love this scent! I think it smells sort of similar to Versace Bright Crystal, which is one of my favorites. My only gripe with Bright Crystal is that it doesn’t last very long since it’s eau de toilette, so I’m really happy that this is eau de parfum. Mini bottles of perfume are just too adorable, I can never seem to get enough.

GlossyBox October 2014 Review and Promo CodeNails Inc. Westminster Bridge Matte Top Coat | $10.00
I really love Nails Inc. products, especially their top coats. But on the other hand, I’m not a big fan of matte nails. I’m all about that super glossy look or “stardust” look! I’ve seen some bloggers use matte topcoats as a basecoat and they say it works well, so I think I’ll try that. It’s also good to just have one of these on the shelf in case I ever change my mind and decide matte nails are the way to go.

GlossyBox October 2014 Review and Promo CodeProganix Volume Root Boost Finish + Body Builder | $11.99
Proganix is owned by the same company as Organix, and this is their “premium salon quality” brand. While I’ve enjoyed Organix shampoo and conditioner in the past, I didn’t really like this root booster. I feel like maybe I’m using it incorrectly or not enough, since I don’t notice any difference at all. If anyone has tips for this particular product, I’d love to hear them!

GlossyBox October 2014 Review and Promo CodeTarte Power Pigment in Flush | $24.00
Yay I love this full sized tarte lip tint! This box was completely worth it just for this product alone. The color is totally fabulous yet wearable, and tarte’s formula is nothing short of amazing. It’s really creamy and hydrating, yet wears almost like a stain and stays all day. Plus it tastes minty! I’ve tried so many lip products on the market yet always find myself reaching for these crayons on a regular basis. If you haven’t tried one yet, I highly recommend it!

GlossyBox October 2014 Review and Promo CodeHelloFresh $40 Voucher
I was sort of confused to receive this, since it feels totally random and wasn’t mentioned on the information card at all. I’ve heard of HelloFresh but never tried it because it’s on the pricey side. They deliver a box of recipes plus all the ingredients to you, so it’s literally a meal in a box ready to be cooked. The cheapest option for my zip code is a Vegetarian box with 3 meals for 2 people, which costs $59.00 including delivery. I’ll try them out for the $19 difference, but don’t think it’s something I can afford to keep using.

GlossyBox October 2014 Review and Promo CodeTotal value for the box is $60.99, not including the $40 voucher. I usually don’t count vouchers in the total value unless I can use it without spending any extra money. I knew all the spoilers before I purchased this box, so there were no surprises and I think it’s a great GlossyBox. The value is particularly awesome for me, since I was going to purchase a full sized tarte power pigment anyways. Here’s hoping November has great things in store for us! (And don’t forget to use coupon code GBGLAM to get a free travel sized GlamGlow Youthmud Tingexfoliate Treatment! It’s my favorite code; I hope it stays valid for another month!)


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