Black Friday 2014 Deals for POPSUGAR Must Have, GlossyBox, and Birchbox

It’s that time of year again: the madness that is Black Friday. Although this year it’s sort of a Black Thursday, since all the malls near me are actually opening at 6PM tonight. I’m not really one for braving the crowds and potentially getting trampled, so I’ll be at home shopping online with a cup of cocoa.

Obviously, the deals are flying into my inbox faster than I can read them, but I’m just going to post the deals from my favorite 3 subscriptions: POPSUGAR Must Have, GlossyBox, and Birchbox. Maybe if I feel a sudden burst of motivation later I’ll post about more…but I really don’t think I have the patience needed to sift through emails for a list of Black Friday deals. If you’re interested in that, check out My Subscription Addiction’s list! Liz is totally amazing and hardworking and diligent and she’s got a great list going on.

First up: POPSUGAR Must Have! It’s my favorite subscription to gift so I’m always on the lookout for great deals from them around this time of year.

Use code GIFT15 for $15 off a 1 month subscriptionGIFT25 for $25 off a 3 month subscription, or GIFT75 for $75 off a 6 month subscription. The best deal I’ve seen all year!

Black Friday 2014 Deals for POPSUGAR Must Have, GlossyBox, and Birchbox

Next up: GlossyBox!
I feel like GlossyBox screwed up their deal, since I THINK it’s supposed to be 20% off any subscription. But instead I’m getting $20 off any subscription, including the monthly one. Hey, who am I to say no to a $1 November box? Use code THANKS for $20 off!

The code also works on their holiday box, which is normally $40 but now you can get it for $20 and there’s 7 full sized products in it! Comes in beautiful gift-ready packaging as well!

Black Friday 2014 Deals for POPSUGAR Must Have, GlossyBox, and BirchboxAnd last but not least, Birchbox.
Their deal isn’t quite as big value as the others, but I feel like that’s because Birchbox is already such a great value and they do have lots of promotions throughout the year. But they’re my 2nd favorite subscription to gift (favorite for men!).

When you spend $60 or more on Birchbox gift subscriptions, you can use coupon code BOXME to get a free box for yourself. Or if you don’t want a free box, use BBTHANKS to get 60 extra points. Also, use coupon code FRIDAY25 to save 25% on your entire Birchbox shop order. Love the 25% off deal!

Black Friday 2014 Deals for POPSUGAR Must Have, GlossyBox, and Birchbox

Happy shopping, everyone and have a Happy Thanksgiving! I couldn’t be more grateful for all my wonderful readers. Counting my blessings for each and every one of you 🙂 Y’all are the best!


Sephora $0 Haul (aka 100 Point and 500 Point Rewards Haul)

Every year I cash in a bunch of my Sephora points starting around October to start hoarding little stocking stuffers for my girlfriends. It’s great because I can get tons of deluxe samples without spending any extra money, and the 500 point ones come in cute little boxes that are perfect for gifting. (Of course it’s also a yearly reminder of just how much money I spend at Sephora. I think my boyfriend is convinced that the point conversion rate is something like $1 = 10 points…. )

This year I discovered that there’s a shopping plaza near me that has a freestanding Sephora AND a Sephora inside JCP. It literally takes about 2 minutes to walk from one to the other. I have no idea why they designed it this way, but it’s awesome for me since I don’t have to drive to more than one location! And I don’t know if it’s just me, but I feel like Sephora always puts out better point rewards towards the end of the year. I’ve been doing this “tradition” for 3 years now and I’ve never been disappointed with the selection.

So anyways: 100 point rewards! 
GlamGlow ThirstyMud Hydrating Treatment | $9.50
Two of these deluxe samples is equivalent to one of the travel sized jars ($19 at Sephora), so I got two for my friend who really loves the ThirstyMud mask. These I got from the Sephora inside JCP, and as of last week they were still available. GlamGlow has gotten so popular but I’m glad to see they’re still actively promoting with samples! It’s really a product you only have to try once to fall in love with.

Sephora $0 Haul! Aka New 100 Point and 500 Point RewardsAlgenist Retinol Firming & Lifting Serum | $16.66
I was so excited that these came in their own box! Algenist products are almost always a hit with my friends and the value is really great for a 100 point perk. I ended up getting 4 of these–who could resist? And the packaging is totally perfect for gifting.

Sephora $0 Haul! Aka New 100 Point and 500 Point Rewards

Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment | $11.00
This sample is half the size of the travel size that sells for $22 at Sephora. I can’t get enough of this stuff, but it’s pretty harsh on the skin. My best friend has more sensitive skin than I do and she’s been wanting to try this for ages, so she’ll definitely appreciate getting a small size to test out. Even this tiny tube has enough for 4-5 applications.

Sephora $0 Haul (aka New 100 Point and 500 Point Rewards)And now the 500 point perks!
Urban Decay Urban Obsessions Palette | ??
I originally got one from Sephora in JCP, and then I saw it in the freestanding store as well. I ended up getting one at each place. I was mostly intrigued by the color “Guilt”. I feel like I almost never see that one in any palette, so hopefully it won’t be a dupe for my friends. I picked up 2 of these since they were just so cute and perfectly giftable.

Sephora $0 Haul! Aka New 100 Point and 500 Point RewardsDecent sized pans of eyeshadow! I was pleasantly surprised by the mirror on the inside. It feels like a pretty substantial palette. The mini liner is in the color Zero. I have no idea what the value for this palette really is, but I think it’s a fun one to gift and definitely a unique 500 point reward.

Sephora $0 Haul! Aka New 100 Point and 500 Point RewardsIt includes a little sample of the Primer Potion on the back.

Sephora $0 Haul! Aka New 100 Point and 500 Point RewardsBliss Absolutely Fabu-Bliss | $29.26
Not a high value box, but one of my friends is a diehard Bliss fan. She travels a lot and I thought these mini bottles would be perfect for her. Surprisingly despite this being a low-value 500 point reward, my Sephora sold out of it really quickly. I went back to get another one for myself a week later and they were all gone! I guess my friend isn’t the only Bliss lover out there.

Sephora $0 Haul! Aka New 100 Point and 500 Point Rewards

Josie Maran Natural Beauty Set
| $39.20
I really like Josie Maran products and I think they work best for Winter time. Usually the argan oil is too much for me during Summer, but with the cold air coming in I need as much moisture as I can get! I imagine most of my friends are going to relate, and her products just scream “Winter” to me. It just looks so cozy! I also got 2 of these sets since they’re so seasonally appropriate.

Sephora $0 Haul (aka New 100 Point and 500 Point Rewards)I’m loving the variety you get with this set. There’s something for your face, a fun makeup product, something for nails, and the infinity cream sort of does a little of everything. The sizes are generous enough for you to really get some use out of each item. The cheek gelee will last for a really long time and the argan oil as well. I wish the infinity cream were a bit bigger, but a little goes a long way with that stuff.

Sephora $0 Haul (aka New 100 Point and 500 Point Rewards)I feel like the Coconut Watercolor Cheek Gelee deserves its own picture. Such a great product! Seriously, have y’all tried it yet? It’s really lovely and gives you great buildable color. In this set it comes in Pink Escape (cool toned pink), and it’s an easy to pull off color. In the Winter I switch from a powder blush to this gel version for that extra hydration and I can’t recommend it enough.

Sephora $0 Haul (aka New 100 Point and 500 Point Rewards)So there you have it: burning through 3200 points! They would have just been sitting in my account anyways (hey it’s not like points accumulate interest), so at least now I have an awesome pile of stocking stuffers/small gifts to show for it. No regrets on how I spent it!

Barkbox November 2014 Review plus 10% Off Code

My November BarkBox got here a few days ago and Maddie and I have been thoroughly enjoying the items. I feel like I should subscribe to a second pet box, since we always run out of toys before the next BarkBox gets here. Seriously, she’s an expert at destroying even the sturdiest of toys. It’s always such a relief to see this box on my doorstep.

BarkBox is $29/month if you do the month-to-month plan, but it goes down to only $18/month if you sign up for the whole year! We sprung for the whole year since it was such a great deal! You can use my link for 10% off any subscription. And if you use my link, they’ll donate a free box to the Bark-N-Rest Retirement Center! It’s a great cause and I’m pleased that BarkBox gives back to the doggie community!

Barkbox November 2014 Review plus 10% Off Code

We get the “Big and Bold” box (for dogs weighing more than 50 lbs) because Maddie is right at the cut-off between medium and large. She’s about 47 lbs but since she’s so active and is so talented at destroying everything, it’s always best to size up for her.

Additional awesome thing about BarkBox: they have a great “Scout’s Honor” policy. If your dog doesn’t love an item in the box, just email, and they will send you a replacement item better suited for your dog or give you credit of equal value to shop at It’s totally amazing customer service!

Barkbox November 2014 Review plus 10% Off CodeSlow Roasted Rosemary Turducken Treats | $5.00
I always appreciate the seasonally curated items in my BarkBox. It was so cute that they had Halloween things in October and I’m excited to get this turducken bag of treats this month. It’s a turducken liver treat, made with turkey liver, duck liver, and chicken liver. It’s wheat, corn, soy, and gluten free, so totally perfect for dogs with sensitive stomachs. I bring my dog to work sometimes and my boss’s dog can’t have any wheat, so I always am on the lookout for treats that I can share. This one will be perfect, and for Thanksgiving, no less!

Barkbox November 2014 Review plus 10% Off CodeWagatha’s Kitchen Sink Dog Biscuits | $3.32
Wagatha’s is one of my favorite brands when it comes to dog treats (oh my god, I can’t believe I have favorite dog treat brands…) because they always use wholesome ingredients, they have super cute packaging, and they’re based in Vermont! For those who are unaware: I used to live in Vermont and have nothing but love for that state. All of Wagatha’s treats use certified organic ingredients that are human-grade, and everything is baked in Vermont. The company also gives back to a lot of charities, so that’s just an added bonus on top of everything else I love about them.

Barkbox November 2014 Review plus 10% Off CodePetmate Chef Heggies Plush | $12.99
SO CUTE! I haven’t even given this to Maddie yet since it’s too stinkin’ adorable! She’d rip it apart in about 3 minutes flat. There’s some sort of hard plastic inside (feels almost like a water bottle?) that makes a loud crinkly sound when you squeeze it, so Maddie will be all over that. I’m sad that this adorable thing will be shredded mercilessly! Why oh why can’t my dog be interested in cuddling with her plush toys?

Barkbox November 2014 Review plus 10% Off CodePetsafe Squeak ‘n Treat Booya | $13.00
We love treat dispensing toys in this family since they keep Maddie occupied for longer amounts of time. We haven’t had much luck with the hard plastic balls that dispense treats as it rolls. Instead of rolling it around Maddie just throws the ball into the wall or chews on it until the toy breaks and all the treats fall out. I can’t decide if she’s too smart or too stupid. So I was pretty excited to see a rubber one in this box. I was literally just at Petco last week looking at something very similar to this, and it was selling for $18.

Barkbox November 2014 Review plus 10% Off CodeThe treat dispensing part of this toy is actually really smart. It has these soft rubber prongs on the inside to allow treats to fall out randomly as the toy gets tossed around. You can also trim the prongs down if you want to use bigger treats. I like that the whole thing is rubber and safe for chewing. No small hard plastic parts I have to watch out for!

Barkbox November 2014 Review plus 10% Off CodeI filled it with the turducken liver treats from this box, and she’s loving it. She literally has been playing with it for the past 2 hours, and seems really determined to get all the treats out. She’s not too good at it yet. Did I mention that this toy also squeaks?? I feel like we have a new favorite toy in the house!

Barkbox November 2014 Review plus 10% Off CodeTotal value: $34.31 for my November box. I think every month is around the same for value for BarkBox, around $30-$35. You definitely get your moneys worth plus the added convenience of having everything shipped to you. The toys are always good quality and made with safe materials, and the treats are always from the US or Canada with wholesome ingredients. Now that BarkBox has a great new replacement/return policy, there’s no risk at all. I can’t wait to gift some subscriptions this year to some lucky dogs!

Birchbox November 2014 Review plus December 2014 Sample Options

Yay I got my November Birchbox! I love that their packages are small enough to fit in my mailbox. It’s always a fun surprise to see my Birchbox sitting in there amidst the sea of bills and flyers.

Birchbox is only $10/month (even less if you prepay), and they have this fabulous point system that makes every month a total steal. For every sample you receive in your box, you can fill out a review to get 10 points (equivalent to $1) to spend in the Birchbox shop. And since every box has at least 5 samples, you’re pretty much guaranteed to get $5 worth of credit each month if you fill out all your reviews. It’s really satisfying when you want to treat yourself to something and remember that you have $50 worth of credit sitting around in the Birchbox shop!

Birchbox November 2014 Review plus December 2014 Sample OptionsOne thing I really love about Birchbox: they’re constantly working hard to improve and expand. They add new features (like awesome sample choices), have great sales and gifts with purchase, have AMAZING limited edition boxes, have consistently great customer service, and do a lot of wonderful collaborations with great organizations. I think they’re a company that really cares about their customers and employees and growth.

This month they collaborated with (RED) to raise money and awareness for AIDS. Really love the cause and I’m always a fan of companies that give back.

Birchbox November 2014 Review plus December 2014 Sample OptionsRoyal Apothic Cuppa Cuppa Firming Tea Treatment Mask | $9.66
For the past several months, Birchbox has offered customers the opportunity to choose one sample in their box. Each month they have four options and you can choose one for your box, or you can let them surprise you with five mystery samples. I chose this tea mask because 1) I can’t get enough masks, 2) the packaging is adorbs, and 3) I’ve never heard of the brand before and it sounds interesting. I’m so happy with my choice! I love love love this mask and the sample is a good size. It sort of tingles a little bit when it’s on, but your skin feels really amazingly soft afterwards. The full size comes with 6 of these tubes, which I think would make great stocking stuffers for my girlfriends!

Birchbox November 2014 Review plus December 2014 Sample Options

Gilchrist & Soames Spa Therapy Body Lotion | $2.53
Not a huge fan of this lotion. To me, it smells really generic and the packaging reminds me of those hotel lotions you get. It did absorb quickly but isn’t anything special. I’m sticking to my Honest Co. body lotion!

Birchbox November 2014 Review plus December 2014 Sample Options

Toni & Guy Classic Shine Gloss Serum | $15.00
I was really surprised that this is a full sized item! Surprised in the good way, of course. I just bought a new hair serum that I adore so I’ll probably use this as a stocking stuffer. It gets great reviews and every girl could use more gloss serum, right?

Birchbox November 2014 Review plus December 2014 Sample OptionsLaura Mercier Full Blown Volume Supreme Mascara | $14.28
How did Birchbox know that this is my FAVORITE mascara? I stocked up during the Sephora 20% off sale and got 2 full sized ones sitting in my drawer right now, but I always welcome minis of my favorites. I love that it builds volume without clumps, doesn’t smudge or flake, and the brush works really well with how I apply mascara. I can get a pretty natural but full look with this mascara. If you’re looking for the falsies effect, it might not be this. But if you’re more into the “no makeup” look, this is perfect!

Birchbox November 2014 Review plus December 2014 Sample OptionsJouer Matte Moisture Tint Sunscreen in Linen | $3.80
I really like how this feels on my face. It has a matte powdery look after it’s applied, instead of that annoying super-greasy-look-at-my-shiny-face look I sometimes get with bb creams. The only gripe I have with it is that it’s only SPF 15! When a product has “sunscreen” in the name, I’m expecting at least 25 or 30.

Birchbox November 2014 Review plus December 2014 Sample OptionsChuao Chocolatier ChocoPod in Honeycomb | $1.24
I completely adore Chuao and Honeycomb is my hands down favorite flavor from their entire line. (I also highly recommend Firecracker!) Chuao chocolates are pricey but in my opinion totally worth it. The chocolate is very high quality and the flavors completely unique. Plus, each ChocoPod is only 50 calories each for dark chocolate and 60 calories for milk chocolate so it’s a great way to get your chocolate craving out of the way without ingesting an entire Hershey’s bar. So happy to get this in my Birchbox! Is it possible to be unhappy about getting chocolate in a box??

Birchbox November 2014 Review plus December 2014 Sample OptionsOverall value for November: $46.51! Ridiculously good value, and I got items that I really love. This could be one of my favorite Birchboxes ever! The only sample I don’t care for is the lotion, but that was a low value item anyways and I’ll still end up using it.

And before I forget…the December sample choices! Your options are:

Birchbox November 2014 Review plus December 2014 Sample Options(Please note: the images I used are full sized items. The sample choices will most likely be smaller and in different packaging.)

I’m really loving the idea of a rose gold eyeliner, since I’m all about rose gold right now! It would be so much fun for holiday parties. But I also want to try the Mirenesse mascara really badly, since I’ve been reading rave reviews for it. And the brightener stick is tempting as well…

POPSUGAR Must Have November 2014 Review

I’m still not sure what is up with POPSUGAR Must Have lately. Ever since their new website launch, shipping has been all over the place. I got my box before I even got the email saying my box was shipped. When I log into my account, there’s no November shipment in my subscription tab and no tracking number. So for those of you still waiting on your box and can’t find any tracking, there’s hope!

POPSUGAR Must Have November 2014 ReviewDominique Ansel: The Secret Recipes | $35.00 (available on Amazon for $23.48)
Love this book! This was the first spoiler to come out, and it made me really excited for the box. I love to bake whenever I have time to and Dominique Ansel is such a legend. I almost wish the book itself weren’t this pretty–I would be so sad if I got flour all over it!

POPSUGAR Must Have November 2014 ReviewSuper high quality pictures and printing! I love that the first half of the book feels very personal and talk more about him as a person, and the second half is recipes. I also like the personal blurbs for each recipe. For those who are new to baking, this maybe isn’t the book for you. Even his intermediate recipes look pretty complicated to me, and lots of things take more than a day to prepare. For the avid baker, I would say this is a must have!

POPSUGAR Must Have November 2014 ReviewG.H. Creators Popcorn Chicago Mix | $2.99
Before I went to Chicago, I would have been grossed out by the idea of combining cheddar cheese popcorn with caramel corn. Now that I’ve been there and eaten way too much of it while exploring the city, this combination makes me nostalgic. Surprisingly delicious and addictive. I’m glad that this bag is super huge, though it’ll probably only last me a day or two. Don’t judge me!

POPSUGAR Must Have November 2014 ReviewWine Glass Writer Makers | $9.95
This is such a brilliant idea for the holidays! I never have a good system for keeping track of glasses at holiday parties, so I can’t wait to use these this year. I bet once my friends see the pens they’ll all be buying it too. So simple yet so smart. It will also be a cute way to leave notes for my boyfriend on the bathroom mirror 🙂

POPSUGAR Must Have November 2014 ReviewK. Hall No. 72 Ambergris Shea Butter Cream | $22.00
Even though we get plenty of K. Hall products from POPSUGAR, I never get sick of them. They have so many great products, all with gorgeous packaging and high quality ingredients. It’s worth noting that despite being named “Ambergris” and having that scent, this cream does NOT contain any animal components. It smells amazing and is perfect for this sudden cold weather. My hands are in desperate need of some help!

POPSUGAR Must Have November 2014 ReviewTiny Prints Personalized Stationery | $15.00
I thought we were getting personalized stationery, which made me a little nervous (I’m not really into monogrammed notecards) so I’m really happy that these say XOXO. Hopefully this will be motivation for me to send more snail mail.

POPSUGAR Must Have November 2014 ReviewTiny Prints Gift Code | $25.00
This was the best surprise from the box! There’s no minimum, and they have tons of cute stuff to choose from. Totally perfect for the upcoming holidays, and Tiny Prints has great quality printing and wonderful customer service. I’ve used them before and can’t recommend highly enough!

POPSUGAR Must Have November 2014 ReviewSorial Saffiano Wallet on a Chain | $49.00
And finally, the Sorial wallet! I was dying to get this in person to feel the material and see how big it was, and I’m happy to say I’m satisfied with both. The material feels well made and heavyweight. Even though it’s vegan leather, it doesn’t have that plastic-y texture you see with the cheaper stuff.

POPSUGAR Must Have November 2014 ReviewIt’s fully lined on the inside with a cute print. The chain is super long and I didn’t get a picture of it, but it’s a comfortable crossbody length. I imagine it would hit in different places on different people, so I wish it were adjustable just to accommodate everyone. But for me it’s a great length (around my hip area) and I’m 5′ 5″.

POPSUGAR Must Have November 2014 ReviewThe back of the wallet has a zippered compartment which is good for holding cards and receipts and whatnot. My old iPhone 4S (shown for size comparison) fits easily, but I imagine larger phones might be tough. I saw one blogger mention that an iPhone 6+ would not fit.

POPSUGAR Must Have November 2014 ReviewOverall value for November: $158.94. Nothing to complain about there! I really enjoyed the box and think the curation was spot on for the season. I do hope POPSUGAR Must Have pulls it together again in terms of shipping though. I want them to go back to what they used to be, since they’re my favorite subscription box! I’m not ready to give up on them yet. My 1 year subscription expires in January, so I have one month to decide if I should renew, switch to a monthly, or cancel. I can’t wait to get December’s box to help me make a final decision!