Julep Maven November 2014 Review Plus 30% off Promo Code

My November Julep box arrived today! The past couple of weeks have been so busy for me that I actually forgot to switch my profile, so I got the default “It Girl” colors. No complaints though, since I actually like the colors and it’s totally my own fault. I don’t even know which profile I would have picked anyways, so I’m not too upset. I’m more confused about how I could forget. I’ve been a Maven for a year and a half now and this is the first time I’ve forgotten! Maybe this is a warning sign that I’m getting old…

Julep Maven November 2014 Review Plus 30% off Promo CodeMarzia (pewter chrome) | $14.00
I thought this would be my favorite color in the box, since I love metallic colors and this seemed like a great neutral Fall shade. It’s warmer and a bit more gold-toned than I expected; I was picturing sort of a cool-toned taupe based on the swatches that Julep posted. Oh well, it’s still a great color that will get tons of use. The formula is pretty good, and I think 2 coats would be a solid opaque. Please excuse the terrible quality of the swatch! I was going super fast and didn’t bother keeping clean edges, oops 😦

Julep Maven November 2014 Review  MarziaKiki (oceanic silver shimmer) | $14.00
Really like this color! It’s sort of a teal shimmer to me (what color does “oceanic” really mean anyways?), and looks really good when the light hits it. The silver shimmer makes it feel like a very New Years Eve sort of color. I can’t wait to try doing some simple patterns in silver on top of this! One coat of this was completely opaque. Again, please forgive the messy swatch!

Julep Maven November 2014 Review  KikiIlsa (ink blue creme) | $14.00
Okay, this is the one that really blew me away. I wasn’t even looking forward to receiving this color since I don’t usually go for dark cremes, and I already had someone in mind to gift it to. But once I swatched it, I fell in love with it. The formula is AMAZING. Super easy to apply and dries to a perfect shine. I did a pedicure with it right away, and my toes look completely fabulous! I’m so impressed with how perfectly it dries to a high-gloss finish. One coat was completely opaque for me, and the color is gorgeous. I wish all Julep nail polish could have this exact consistency!

Julep Maven November 2014 Review Ilsa

Plie Wand Overcap | $1.50
To promote the Plie Wand, my box included an extra Plie Wand overcap. Since I already have the wand, this is pretty useful to have on hand in case I misplace my current one. It’s also good if I’m using multiple colors since I won’t have to keep moving the cap from bottle to bottle. Thanks, Julep! It was a nice little extra to get.

Julep Maven November 2014 Review Plus 30% off Promo Code
Julep always includes a tiny little extra (usually candy) in each box. Yum!

Julep Maven November 2014 Review Plus 30% off Promo Code

This month they also sent a little Holiday Gift Guide, featuring some upcoming items. For those of you who got this month’s box, you’ve probably already seen most of the items in the Secret Store this month. But I found two items that weren’t in the Secret Store that I’m interested in! First up is the Sweep Photogenic Palette, which will sell for $38.00. It looks a lot like the Urban Decay Naked palettes, right? I’m thinking it might be a nice cheaper alternative for those who don’t already own the Naked series. I’m curious to see swatches of these colors!

Julep Maven November 2014 Review Plus 30% off Promo Code

I’m also really curious about the Gem Collection, which will sell for $98.00. At first I thought they were the Birthstone Collection, but then looking at the colors I’m not so sure anymore. It sounds more like a collection of 12 glitter polishes. I love glitter, so it’s already tempting me. But I really really really would love a gift box with all 12 Birthstone colors! I’m 99% sure Julep will come out with one, but it’s odd that they didn’t include it in the catalog.

Julep Maven November 2014 Review Plus 30% off Promo Code

Well, that’s it for November. My box totaled $43.50 for value, which is pretty standard for a Julep box. For all y’all existing Mavens, you can use the code DROP30 to get 30% off your new order. Code expires on November 30th. You can use the code twice per account!

Or if you’re not a Maven yet but interested in becoming one (highly recommend it!), there’s a new free box offer out. Use the code TREAT at checkout to get a free 4-piece Holiday Box when you pay $2.99 shipping. You will automatically be enrolled in the monthly service for $24.99/month. You can cancel anytime! Once you join, you’ll be able to customize your monthly Maven box with your favorite nail colors & beauty products every month. Plus you get a discount on all items in their online store, and free shipping with every order!

Julep Maven Free Box Nail Polish


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