POPSUGAR Must Have November 2014 Spoilers plus $10 Off Coupon!

Thanks to the amazing ladies over at Makeuptalk.com, we have the full November spoilers for the POPSUGAR Must Have box! Can we just take a moment to appreciate how awesome and fabulous the entire MUT community is?

POPSUGAR Must Have August 2014 Spoilers

And now without further ado: the spoilers!

(Please don’t peek if you want to be surprised! If you’re like me and have the self control of a toddler, go nuts!)

POPSUGAR Must Have November 2014 Spoilers plus $10 Off Coupon!Looks like each box will contain:

– G.H. Creators Popcorn Chicago Mix | $2.99
Sorial Make Up Case (?) | $59.00 (?) (might be an exclusive item for POPSUGAR)
Tiny Prints Personalized Stationery | ?? (definitely a POPSUGAR exclusive)
– Wine Glass Writer Makers | $9.95
K. Hall No. 72 Ambergris Shea Butter Cream | $22.00
Dominique Ansel: The Secret Recipes | $35.00 (available on Amazon for $23.48)

Overall value is hard to say, since I’m unsure what the Sorial bag value is and I have no idea how many Tiny Prints cards we’ll receive. I’m thinking since the Tiny Prints cards are personalized, we might get a voucher to redeem them online? That would be really awesome, and make for some fantastic holiday gifts! I really hope that’s the case. Also totally digging the wine glass writers. Such a smart product for holiday parties! Actually I think I really love everything in this box, even the bizarre Chicago popcorn mix. I tried the cheesy/caramel combination when I was in Chicago and it’s surprisingly delicious. I’m definitely getting a second box for gifting!

Use coupon code MSA10 (thanks, Liz!) to save $10 off the November box! If you want to make sure you don’t receive the October box, uncheck the “waitlist” box when you’re purchasing. So excited to get this box!


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