POPSUGAR Must Have November 2014 Review

I’m still not sure what is up with POPSUGAR Must Have lately. Ever since their new website launch, shipping has been all over the place. I got my box before I even got the email saying my box was shipped. When I log into my account, there’s no November shipment in my subscription tab and no tracking number. So for those of you still waiting on your box and can’t find any tracking, there’s hope!

POPSUGAR Must Have November 2014 ReviewDominique Ansel: The Secret Recipes | $35.00 (available on Amazon for $23.48)
Love this book! This was the first spoiler to come out, and it made me really excited for the box. I love to bake whenever I have time to and Dominique Ansel is such a legend. I almost wish the book itself weren’t this pretty–I would be so sad if I got flour all over it!

POPSUGAR Must Have November 2014 ReviewSuper high quality pictures and printing! I love that the first half of the book feels very personal and talk more about him as a person, and the second half is recipes. I also like the personal blurbs for each recipe. For those who are new to baking, this maybe isn’t the book for you. Even his intermediate recipes look pretty complicated to me, and lots of things take more than a day to prepare. For the avid baker, I would say this is a must have!

POPSUGAR Must Have November 2014 ReviewG.H. Creators Popcorn Chicago Mix | $2.99
Before I went to Chicago, I would have been grossed out by the idea of combining cheddar cheese popcorn with caramel corn. Now that I’ve been there and eaten way too much of it while exploring the city, this combination makes me nostalgic. Surprisingly delicious and addictive. I’m glad that this bag is super huge, though it’ll probably only last me a day or two. Don’t judge me!

POPSUGAR Must Have November 2014 ReviewWine Glass Writer Makers | $9.95
This is such a brilliant idea for the holidays! I never have a good system for keeping track of glasses at holiday parties, so I can’t wait to use these this year. I bet once my friends see the pens they’ll all be buying it too. So simple yet so smart. It will also be a cute way to leave notes for my boyfriend on the bathroom mirror 🙂

POPSUGAR Must Have November 2014 ReviewK. Hall No. 72 Ambergris Shea Butter Cream | $22.00
Even though we get plenty of K. Hall products from POPSUGAR, I never get sick of them. They have so many great products, all with gorgeous packaging and high quality ingredients. It’s worth noting that despite being named “Ambergris” and having that scent, this cream does NOT contain any animal components. It smells amazing and is perfect for this sudden cold weather. My hands are in desperate need of some help!

POPSUGAR Must Have November 2014 ReviewTiny Prints Personalized Stationery | $15.00
I thought we were getting personalized stationery, which made me a little nervous (I’m not really into monogrammed notecards) so I’m really happy that these say XOXO. Hopefully this will be motivation for me to send more snail mail.

POPSUGAR Must Have November 2014 ReviewTiny Prints Gift Code | $25.00
This was the best surprise from the box! There’s no minimum, and they have tons of cute stuff to choose from. Totally perfect for the upcoming holidays, and Tiny Prints has great quality printing and wonderful customer service. I’ve used them before and can’t recommend highly enough!

POPSUGAR Must Have November 2014 ReviewSorial Saffiano Wallet on a Chain | $49.00
And finally, the Sorial wallet! I was dying to get this in person to feel the material and see how big it was, and I’m happy to say I’m satisfied with both. The material feels well made and heavyweight. Even though it’s vegan leather, it doesn’t have that plastic-y texture you see with the cheaper stuff.

POPSUGAR Must Have November 2014 ReviewIt’s fully lined on the inside with a cute print. The chain is super long and I didn’t get a picture of it, but it’s a comfortable crossbody length. I imagine it would hit in different places on different people, so I wish it were adjustable just to accommodate everyone. But for me it’s a great length (around my hip area) and I’m 5′ 5″.

POPSUGAR Must Have November 2014 ReviewThe back of the wallet has a zippered compartment which is good for holding cards and receipts and whatnot. My old iPhone 4S (shown for size comparison) fits easily, but I imagine larger phones might be tough. I saw one blogger mention that an iPhone 6+ would not fit.

POPSUGAR Must Have November 2014 ReviewOverall value for November: $158.94. Nothing to complain about there! I really enjoyed the box and think the curation was spot on for the season. I do hope POPSUGAR Must Have pulls it together again in terms of shipping though. I want them to go back to what they used to be, since they’re my favorite subscription box! I’m not ready to give up on them yet. My 1 year subscription expires in January, so I have one month to decide if I should renew, switch to a monthly, or cancel. I can’t wait to get December’s box to help me make a final decision!


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